Women’s Summer Series – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Women’s Summer Series

Summer Series:   We All Have a Story

Wednesday, June 15, 2022 @ 6:00 PM in Wilson Hall
Anna Gilmore

Wednesday, August 10, 2022 @ 6:00 PM in the Barn
Jen DuScheid

Bring a charcuterie board to share!

What is charcuterie?

Charcuterie is a modern take on the age-old finger foods served at parties. The foods are often displayed on a special wooden board in an artful arrangement. It is the modern-day grazing platter.  No worries if you do not have a board, a platter or plate of any kind will do.

How to pronounce charcuterie

Charcuterie board is pronounced shar-KOO-tree.

What are the typical charcuterie ingredients?

The charcuterie foods included are often nuts, cheeses, olives, special pickles, fruits, vegetables, bread bites, crackers, etc. It is typical to see beautiful fresh herbs adorned across the top or artfully tucked in. Typically, you will see some savory items along with spicy, sweet, salty, and even sour. You can also do a sweet take and do a dessert display.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  When in doubt, GOOGLE!

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Contact:  Carla Batch cbatch@ccgf.org or (412) 741-4900 Ext. 117.

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