Wellness Expo – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Wellness Expo

Wellness Expo 2024, presented by 50 North of christ church at grove farm and heritage valley health system

Christ Church at Grove Farm and 50 North are excited to invite you to attend Wellness Expo, 2024. Guests of all ages will have the opportunity to attend demonstrations, hear from medical professionals, browse products and services, and receive various health screenings. Registration is required. There is no fee. See more information below.




KEynote speakers

Hear from Doctors, Counselors, Chiropractors, and Nutritional Therapists.

Vendors and booths

Visit with companies and businesses ready to share their knowledge, services, and products with you.


Attend demonstrations on how to cook healthy and balanced meals and proper exercise and fitness techniques.

Health screenings

Various types of health screenings such as blood pressure readings, blood sugar readings, BMI testing, and body fat testing will be available.

Attending Retailers and Professionals
Dr. Karen Zapadka – 10 am | Wilson hall
Topic: metabolic health: exploring the role of our ultra-processed food diet

In this talk, we will build upon the concepts discussed at our 2023 health event including a review of the meaning of good metabolic health, metabolic dysfunction, and insulin resistance, and a review of the many diseases associated with this. We will then explore the impact of our ultra-processed food diet with an emphasis on the fructose component of sugar. We end with a message of hope, and a challenge to have all of us take our health care into our own hands.

This talk is especially pertinent to parents and grandparents raising young children, where metabolic dysfunction is the leading cause of fatty (steatotic) liver disease and is being seen in epidemic proportions.

bob cummings – 11 am | room 101
spiritual health: The Upside to the inside

We explore core health to life with examples from epidemics to cancer, stress and anxiety and the role faith offers in response. Materials for making healthy choices for the deepest part of life will be offered. We will also have available materials to connect you to healing in broken areas of relationships, habits, and struggles.

Tia Reed – 11 am | Wilson Hall
virtual speaker: Carb/sugar addiction: a patient’s journey

I am a Certified Nutrition Network Coach Practitioner, Certified and Licensed by Bitten Jonsson the international expert on sugar addiction as a Licensed SUGAR Addiction Specialist also HMA Certified in Holistic Medicine for Addiction. Accredited Metabolic Health Professional and work full time as the Director of Dietary at our local hospital. I am passionate about guiding others on their journeys to wellness. I specialize in helping clients focus on Low-Carb Ketogenic Lifestyle to heal their bodies. Especially those that have Pre diabetes, NAFLD, battle with weight, and carbohydrate/SUGAR addiction. I aim to encourage, guide, and help clients sustain metabolic health by eating real Whole Foods while helping them with long-lasting behavior change for sustainable weight management with the Proper Human Diet.

debb ott – noon | room 101
mental health – how mindset and faith help us handle stress

Deb is a graduate of Geneva College (Communications), where she met the love of her life, Jared. They discovered a calling to ministry while dating and have been in serving roles ever since. Currently, they have two teenagers, Langdon and Caeden. Deb has traveled nationally and internationally serving as a keynote speaker at hundreds of venues, conferences, retreats, and special events. After 20 years working in a non-profit ministry as a speaker and leadership developer, she decided to pursue a Master’s degree in mental health counseling through Grace College. She wanted to be able to help people walk through the difficulties and challenges of life more deeply. Now a licensed professional counselor (LPC), Deb brings an encouraging, grace- and evidence-based approach, showing people how their relationships can be all that they’re meant to be. You can find Deb enjoying the outdoors with her family, trying new recipes, or on a date with her husband.


changing the trajectory of a life series – 1 pm | Wilson hall

In this talk, we will have real patients telling their stories. Each began with significant metabolic dysfunction. Learn how each changed the trajectory of their life through a comprehensive approach of addressing education about the drivers of metabolic dysfunction and Insulin Resistance, nutrition with Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction, physical activity, and other lifestyle/behavioral changes. Hear their inspiring stories of hope, and how they are now “paying it forward” to others in their family and community.

christine cosky – noon | wilson hall

Exercise for the Steatotic Liver Disease (SLD) Patient Has your doctor told you to start resistance training?  Start walking or just get moving to manage your NAFLD (non-alcohol fatty liver disease)? American Council on Exercise Fitness Specialist & B Well Nation Exercise Studio owner Christine Cosky will share the latest research and recommendations on exercise and ‘fatty liver’ disease.  You’ll also walk away from this presentation with a checklist and a plan to start exercising ASAP.  Catch her presentation,  or stop by the B Well Nation Personal & Small Group Training table today for Q & A about exercise and YOU!

At Home senior services

At Home Senior Services is an in-home care agency dedicated to fostering independence in seniors. Founded in 2007 by Mary Jo Dietrich RN-BSN and her husband David Dietrich PhD, we are an independently operated agency with over 20 years of experience in the health care community. With Mary Jo and David’s combined knowledge of the senior care industry and keen business sense, they have been able to help over 1,000 families in the Pittsburgh area!

oasis senior advisors

Help seniors and families navigate the world of senior living.  From independent, to assisted living and memory care for people with dementia.


Insight me consulting inc.

Insight Me Consulting, LLC is an educational consulting company that works with individuals and local communities to reduce stress, improve performance, and help individuals to increase their emotional intelligence. I offer conferences, workshops, and private consulting strategies and techniques based on evidence that have proven to be effective over time. Our services help individuals and children of all ages to help empower their personal purpose and to improve their health and well-being. My workshops focus on transforming your ways to see and manage your life through innovative tools and technologies to strengthen resilience, learning about emotional intelligence and its benefits through the model’s revealing tools for each individual and business work environments and personal life.

Additionally, our workshops on Emotional Intelligence and Professional Success are directed to be successful in their profession or personal life and for this, it is necessary to have technical skills … but it is also essential to have interpersonal skills. I also offer Extra curriculum home school programs to help a parent to teach our methodology.


new york life insurance co.

Anna Marie Kijanka, agent with New York Life Insurance Co., helps clients protect their families, businesses and assets through life insurance, retirement income solutions, and long-term care insurance.


b well nation personal & small group training

B Well Nation is a boutique studio in Beaver County offering small group training and 50+ personal training.  We love to see our clients live more active, vibrant lives through our personalized exercise programs!

No website at this time (under construction).  Find us on Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

nash knowledge

NASH kNOWledge is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh but has a national and even global reach. Our organization’s mission is to increase awareness and provide educational resources regarding liver health, specifically non-alcoholic liver disease (Fatty Liver) to the general public, those at risk, and those newly diagnosed. Our vision is to prevent and reduce cases of non-alcoholic liver diseases, improving the lives of those at risk and minimizing the need for transplants. We believe that lack of awareness is the key driver in the significant growth we continue to see in disease prevalence. We strive to focus on awareness and education on preventative measures, specifically around the correlation between nutrition/diet and a healthy liver.

Sugar Content Display available
www.nash-now.org | www.facebook.com/NASHkNOWledge

vga center for obesity medicine
Dr. Karen Jerome-Zapadka MD DABOM

She is a Partner and President of Valley Gastroenterology Associates, a community practice. She completed Medical School, Residency, and Fellowship at The University of Pittsburgh with Board Certification in Gastroenterology. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Heritage Valley Health Systems and NASH kNOWledge who are here today. She also serves as co-chair of the Fatty Liver Coalition of the Community Liver Alliance and the Metabolic Task Force at HVHS, all raising awareness of fatty (steatotic) liver and other metabolic diseases. She is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine through the Obesity Medicine Association. She is the Director of the VGA Center for Obesity Medicine where a comprehensive model is used to include evaluation for metabolic diseases, education about Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome, appropriate nutrition, physical activity instruction, and assessment of behavioral issues. She is currently pursuing certification as a Metabolic Health Practitioner through the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners. With this training, she has implemented Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction and has now fully reversed fatty liver in over 40 patients.

She is an advocate for early screening for Insulin Resistance when it can be more easily reversed before a patient becomes irreversibly ill.


Valley gastroenterology associates
Dr. Karen Jerome-Zapadka MD DABOM
Natures Divine Healing – Optimal recovery, llc.

I begin my client assessments by offering the AO Scan, a comprehensive tool for measuring and regulating the body for emotional, physical & quantum living. Quantum Living is understanding every thought, feeling & action taking place in our body. Our body & emotions are energy. This is a delicate & interconnected dance at the deepest level. Our bodies are made to heal if given the right nutrients for synergetic balance. By combining the AO scan, lifestyle care, whole-food, plant-based choices, reducing stress, and getting restorative sleep, you can reduce the risk of inflammation and chronic disease, while improving your emotional health. As a National Board Certified Health and Emotional Wellness Coach, I am passionate about working with committed achievers who are ready to take charge of their lives. I believe the success of any program includes dealing with limiting beliefs that keep sabotaging our best efforts.

Doing AO Scans (Alpha Omega Scans) throughout the day:

What does the AO Scanner look at?
-Blood report
-Covers a range of blood measurements and displays frequency levels in range and out of range.
-Gastrointestinal report
-Displays the balances or imbalances of the Gastrointestinal system frequencies. It displays frequency levels in range and out of range.
-Nutritional report: Displays normal or deficient measurements of mineral, vitamin, amino acid, and enzyme frequencies of the body.
-Physical Functionality Report: Displays frequency levels in range and out of range associated with a person’s physical ability, bone, muscle, brain, and cardiovascular health, hormone, immunity, and organ health.
-Toxicities report: Displays positive or negative frequency levels of toxicities, including possible allergies, bacteria, fungus, heavy metals, and man-made toxins.
…and, so much more!


neora: holistic anti-aging & wellness

Neora launched in 2011 with a single product and an immense vision for our future. Our guiding mantra: Make People Better. Sound big? Great! Our goal is to make people feel better. Make people look better. Make people live better. We want to help people become the best versions of themselves—through transformative products, opportunities for community, mentoring, and the determined pursuit of happiness.


heritage valley health system: dexa-heel checks

We Put our Faith in Caring Since 1881, Concordia Lutheran Ministries has been a place with a mission of caring. A place for healing. A place to feel comfortable. And a place where heartfelt Christian faith and a strong sense of service to others help us make a difference every day.

finn chiropractic – chair massages
What is preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest? Discover relief and maintain a healthy nervous system.
baierl family ymca

At The Baierl Family YMCA, we’re more than just a fitness center. We’re a place where families come together, individuals reach their wellness goals, and the community strengthens bonds. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide you with a wide range of opportunities to improve your physical fitness, boost your mental well-being, and engage in meaningful social activities.

-Grip Strength Body Fat analysis and BMI testing
-Range of motion assessments to see where you may be tight or have lack of mobility


blood sugar and blood pressure readings
christ church at grove farm

Spiritual Health

realtor: Karla casetanore

I pride myself on being a neighborhood expert and full-time real estate agent. As a lifelong Pittsburgh area resident, I am knowledgeable in all markets, for both buyers and sellers! I have a nationally recognized designation of e-Pro agent, Relocation Residential Specialist, and Seniors Real Estate Specialist, (age 50+ market).


rita’s home care agency

We are located in Wexford but we are licensed by Pennsylvania State to provide services in the following counties at the moment: Allegheny, Beaver, Westmoreland, and Butler. We provide services to sick people and the elderly in their homes and their communities. Our goal is to help them remain safe and independent in their homes and the community. Our caregivers are well-trained and help our clients with bathing and grooming, escort to appointments, meal preparation, light housekeeping, dementia care companionship, and more.

What sets us apart is that we provide in-home hair and nail services to our patients and we follow them if needed to their retirement communities.  We take long-term care insurance.

DōTERRA essential oils

DōTERRA sources essential oils from all over the world. We work with committed partners to ensure the best growing conditions and produce the purest, highest quality essential oils. These essential oils can be used to support your health and wellness!

Pathways Wellness Program

Pathways Wellness Program is a local wellness company helping schools, companies, and seniors stay well! We provide onsite lunch & learns, health fairs, CPR/AED training, and hearing tests.


medi connect

MediConnect is a fully independent healthcare advisory firm and has grown to become the market leader in the tri-state region with providing Medicare and Pennie guidance. MediConnect employs 35+ salaried executives with more than 85 years of experience and operates inside of a revolutionary “non-sales” approach that has delivered hundreds of 5-star online reviews.

Dr. hawranko dentistry
b well nation personal & small group training/ resistance bands – 10 am | rally room

Resistance Training – What’s the BEST strength training workout? The one you will do most consistently. Let us show you how portable, affordable resistance bands can help you build muscle, strengthen your core, improve balance, and BOOST your energy levels. Resistance training is part of the treatment protocol for many chronic illnesses and conditions including Fatty Liver Disease, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Type II Diabetes, and more.

Baierl Family YMCA: Chair Yoga – 11 am | rally room
Why Weights? – 1 PM | Rally room

Did you know that strength training with a pair of dumbells, a barbell, or resistance bands two or three times a week can help with:
– Maintaining lean muscle mass
– Burning calories even at rest
– Improves balance
– Keeps the heart strong
– Boost confidence
– Age well and make the effort to add strength training to your life.  Your body will thank you!!!

evan morrison: Plant based cooking – 11 am | fellowship hall

My name is Evan Morrison. I am a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute of Pittsburgh. Shortly after culinary school, I became a sous chef at Treesdale Golf and Country Club for about 5 years. After my time at the country club, I moved on to the Pittsburgh Marriott North in Cranberry township where I was the executive sous chef for 5 1/2 years before I left to pursue a career as a private chef. I am currently still a private chef going on four plus years and couldn’t be happier. Cooking has always been a passion of mine, I enjoy the ever-changing methods of cooking, and how food has evolved in many different ways.

case-specific meals – noon | fellowship hall

Chef Dominick Grande will be cooking up Lemon-Rosemary Chicken w/ Farro, Seaed Tomato and greens, and Herbed Yogurt Sauce, Vince Ranalli will be chatting with you about chronic disease prevention and more about CASE SPECIFIC MEAL PREP and the DIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM!

adventures in training Core/balance and Strength – 1 pm | Fellowship hall

l John 4:10, “In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” If we begin to understand this great love that God has for us; what is our response? It would seem, then, that our response is to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Prayer, worship, studying scripture, and fellowship with his people all build into our hearts, souls, and minds. But what about strength? Is this list multiple-choice? Is God serious about the strength of our bodies? How do we do this?…… We train! Come hear and see exactly how to challenge yourself to stay active and not give in to aging. (Tailored to men)