Welcome! – Christ Church at Grove Farm


Welcome, friends, to Cross Thoughts.

This is a blog. Our blog. A place wherein our pastors and other leaders can share thoughts/experiences/questions about God/faith/humankind.

A place to think and be spurred on in thought by others. A place for iron to sharpen iron, to mourn together and celebrate together. A place to sow together. A place to build unity in the body and spread grace. A place to work out our own salvation, to revel at the beauty of creation and stay connected to our family here, and across the globe in Jesus.

Here you will find a variety of voices, speaking to a multitude of topics from many facets of this jewel we call life. Sometimes serious; sometimes not. Sometimes both. But always for the sake of each other.

Here we will move together towards Christ. Here we will open the scriptures. Here we will share our hearts and cookie recipes. (Everything meaningful in life should come with cookies)

So with warm regards, we ask you join us – because it’s just not the same without you.


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