Wednesdays in Wilson – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Wednesdays in Wilson


Wednesdays in Wilson Class Series

October 25 – November 15

Dinner at the Café: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Classes Begin: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Who is your ONE?

This simple question has the power to transform your family, your community and even your city.

On Wednesday, October 25, we will be debuting our new Wednesdays in Wilson series “The ONE.” Over the course of four weeks we will learn about God’s call to you to reach the lost people in your life with the hope of the gospel. Each week will feature our incredicuble team of teachers going through the parables of Luke 15, musical worship, and an encouraging time of learning and conversation at tables around Wilson Hall. We believe that there is someone that God has specifically positioned and called you to reach, so come find out, “Who is your ONE?”

Class Information

the simplicity of evangelism

How to Join God in His Search for the ONE
Mackenzie T’eo | Luke 15: 1 – 7

Mackenzie will be sharing from Scripture and stories in her own life. She discovered how intentionally living out and talking about her faith on a daily basis leads to the chance to share the gospel with the lost people in her life.

Mackenzie Te’o has been attending Christ Church at Grove Farm for nearly a decade with her husband Spencer. They have a little girl, Keala, and one on the way! After touring with Silver Ring Thing/Unaltered, Mackenzie switched to a career in fitness. She is the owner and head trainer of Bag+Barre, a boutique kickboxing and barre studio in Sewickley. She is passionate about encouraging and empowering those around her. 

finding and reaching your one

Jeremiah Stauffer & Dan Davis | Romans 10:14

In this week of practical conversations, Scriptural teaching, and group exercises, we will help you to find out who God has specifically positioned you to reach. If you are a follower of Jesus, you have someONE that God has called you to tell about the hope that you have in Christ.

Jeremiah Stauffer is the high school director at Christ Church at Grove Farm.  He is the husband of Kelsey and the father of Hudson (5) and Miles (3). Jeremiah strives to be more like Jesus by learning carpentry and teaching the Word.

Dan Davis is the missions director at Christ Church at Grove Farm. He is the husband of Alicia and the father of Eve (19), Kale (16), Gwen (13) and Violet (10). Together they have lived a life on mission everywhere from Pittsburgh, PA to the country of Jordan. 

The Search for the ONE

Developing God’s Strong Desire to Rescue Those Who Are Lost
Rachelle Arnold | Luke 15: 8 – 10

Together we will be diving into the parable of the lost coin to learn more about Jesus’ intensity in searching for those who are lost. It is just 3 verses, but the message is big, beautiful, and empowering.

Rachelle Arnold is the wife of Pastor Mike Arnold. They have been married for 24 years. Rachelle currently holds the position of Administrator of  Concordia at Villa St. Joseph Skilled Nursing Facility.  Outsid of the office, she can be found cheering on her daughters: Elena (a sophomore at St. Francis), and Ava (a sophomore at Eden Christian Academy) at various volleyball games.

Rachelle also serves Christ Church as a teacher for the 2 and 3-year-olds in our Kids Ministry. She is happy to share the story of the day she began to follow Jesus when she was fifteen years old, and even happier to tell anyone who will listen how much they’ll love following Jesus too.

the prodigal

So Close, So Far Away
Bruce Schlenke | Luke 15: 11 – 31

Having an enlarged heart for the “CLOST”: those who are relationally close to us, who are yet lost apart from Christ.

Bruce Schlenke is a retired Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor, having served churches in Burlington, MA,  Akron, OH,  Greenville, PA, and from ’82-’14 Wexford Comm. Presby. Church.  His faith in Jesus Christ was kindled and nurtured at First Presbyterian Church downtown and at its camp in Ligonier over many summers.  He attended Houghton College in NY and Gordon-Conwell Seminary in Mass.  His wife Libby has been very active here at CCGF over these past 9 years, and their two sons’ families, each with two young daughters, live in Beaver, PA and South Carolina. 


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October 25: Patrons Enchiladas
Nov. 1:  Soup and Bread
Nov. 8:  Pizza & Salad
Nov. 15:  T-Bones Chicken

Adults  $8.00 / Kids $5.00

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