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Two Words

By Cece Poister

Saturday mornings at our house were not a time to sleep in. We had weekly and seasonal chores to do. Mow the lawn, change the sheets, dust etc. Seasonal included washing the storm windows. These are windows that go on the outside of a regular window in the cold months to hold in the heat. I am proud to say my dad made them. My bedroom was on what we called “the 3rd floor”. It was an attic that my parents turned into a girls dorm. With eight kids (six girls and two boys) and three bedrooms every space was utilized.

With fall in full gear it was time to wash the storm windows before rehanging them. My job that morning was washing the six windows on the third floor before being hung. It was still nice outside, and I was anxious to go outside and play so I hurried with the window washing job. I was in the basement finishing up when my dad came down to get them. He looked them over and then looked at me and said “the corners are dirty”.

I respond in a somewhat snarky tone “Who cares. You can’t see the corners from outside because they are up on the third floor”. There are so many ways he could have dealt with me but all he said in a very quiet tone was “you will” and walked away.

To be honest I stood there somewhat dumb struck. One, because he didn’t yell at me for being sassy and two, the message those two words delivered were loud and clear. I washed all the dirty corners.

“You will” has stayed with me in all I do. It is about integrity, honesty and doing the right thing even if no one is watching or will ever know.

Thank you Dad!

Hebrews 13:17

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