Jesus – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Glory Be To God

January 1, 2023
All glory belongs to our God. As we behold Him in Jesus Christ we are transformed more into His image. Join Gideon as he shares this wonderful message of How…
The glory of God revealed through Jesus Christ is our hope. Not only this advent season, but every season of our lives. Join Mike as he shares the wonders of…

O holy Night

December 4, 2022
The birth of Jesus is a message of hope and joy to the world. Join Craig as he dives into this Holy night and how the light of Jesus can…

A savior has been given

November 27, 2022
Jesus is our hope and our peace. Grounding ourselves in His love is where we are secure and joy filled. Join Ed as he takes us to through the roots…


November 20, 2022
Jesus is the good shepherd and knows His sheep. What they need and what they lack. Therefore we can trust Him with all we have and are.


November 13, 2022
Jesus sets the ultimate example for a life marked by serving. Join Mike as he dives into what it is to serve one another, and how Christ is the key…