Christ – Christ Church at Grove Farm

One Life

January 7, 2024
Life is precious to the Lord. Not only is He the author but He is the sustainer of life. Join Mike as he unpacks the value of life.

Just Jesus

December 24, 2023
Jesus is the reason for this beautiful season. Join Craig as he shares the hope that the birth of Jesus gives us.

Promise Keeper

December 17, 2023
The promises of God continue to be our hope and peace in life. Join Craig as he unpacks the fulfillment of these promises through Jesus Christ.

Son of Man

December 10, 2023
Jesus is the greatest gift anyone can receive. Join Craig as he unpacks the weight and beauty of this gift.


December 10, 2023
True joy isn't just a feeling, but a deep confidence and assurance in Christ Jesus. Join Mike as he shares about this joy.

Prison Songs

October 22, 2023
Even in the midst of trials and hardships in this life. Our true joy and strength can be rooted in the Lords unfailing love. We have every reason to praise…
Surrendered living to Jesus Christ is a vital part of our walk with the Lord as Christians. Join Mike as he shares about a life of surrendered living.