The Orlando Massacre – Christ Church at Grove Farm

The Orlando Massacre

By Holly Campbell

The Orlando Massacre is bone chilling in its proportions.  The largest mass shooting in U.S. history did not come from the hand of a mere psychopath, but from a card-carrying disciple of an anti-Christ,
anti-God, anti-social government of evil.  With Jihad, the Western world faces a new kind of wrestling that is not just with flesh and blood, not just with the historic nature of warfare, but with sinister powers and principalities and unseen forces of wickedness,” that even the greatest intelligence agency in the world, the FBI was unable to prevent, even when it had the perpetrator in its sights for three years and knew of his possible connection with the Boston bomber.

The Wall Street Journal, surprisingly enough, puts its finger on this irony by saying that the FBI oversight “points to how difficult it is in a free society to pinpoint when someone is becoming radicalized enough to kill.”  Add to this the New York Times report that there are some 10,000 investigations open at any one time but of those there are perhaps 1000 that make up a supreme watch list for home grown violence.  Our former Secretary of State is quoted as saying: “We have the resources in order to fight this kind of foe.”  But do we really?  

Face it Christians!  This is a new kind of foe and we have to be able to get inside of their minds to determine exactly when they are radicalized enough to commit an act of terror in the name of Jihad and when they are just “blustering.”   “No amount of domestic vigilance can really stop this new kind of enemy”….says the Wall Street Journal, to which I add…. because we have to be able to “see the unseen” and that is beyond merely human powers and earthly governments.

When the Apostle Paul told us to put on the whole armor of God, he made it clear that it was for a struggle that went beyond the physical realm.   It involved “rulers” and “authorities” and “cosmic powers over this present darkness.”    They were up against, in his words, the “spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places,” and they ultimately won!  (Eph.6:12)  That same “force” hit Orlando on June 13th.  When it comes to the real shock troops of spiritual warfare, we Christians are the only show in town.

There is a little worldview class going on in room 102, Sunday mornings, from 8:45-9:45. 
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