Spoken – Christ Church at Grove Farm


Spoken: Doug Manges

As parents, we have a lot of control and influence over our children. When they grow up, we release them to go out and take those things that God has sewn into them and those things we have hopefully modeled and displayed for them, to make their own decisions and raise their own families. Doug Manges talks about being a father and how the Lord has shown him so much grace with the decisions he’s made.

Spoken: Tom Bencho

“To now realize that there’s a power greater than myself, and to turn my life over to the care of God, it has released me and given me freedom.” Tom Bencho talks about his addiction and how when he hit rock bottom, he got on his knees and asked God for help.

Spoken: The carillo family

“You can count on people to really reach out. You can count on people when you’re in need. It’s great to have your church be your family”. New in our testimonials series, Spoken, the Carillo family shares what brought them to Christ Church and how they found more than just a church home, they found a family.


“I know the answer from God is not always going to be easy. It isn’t always going to be ‘yes’. It’s not always going to be right away. Sometimes the answer is going to be ‘no’. New in our testimonials series, Spoken, Scott and Nikki Fetzick share their story of infertility and how God’s answer was not what they were expecting.


Harry speaks about his time in Vietnam, and how he survived when he shouldn’t have because God had plans for him.


“No sin is too great. His work on the cross was enough.” New in our testimonials series, Spoken, Laureen shares her story of brokenness and the healing and redemption she found in the arms of Jesus Christ. (Length 3:32)