Grace Grit Growth – Christ Church at Grove Farm


November 20, 2022
Jesus is the good shepherd and knows His sheep. What they need and what they lack. Therefore we can trust Him with all we have and are.


November 13, 2022
Jesus sets the ultimate example for a life marked by serving. Join Mike as he dives into what it is to serve one another, and how Christ is the key…


November 6, 2022
In both the Hebrew bible and New Testament, the scriptures demonstrate how solitude is both a means to connecting with God, and a gift from God to help us navigate…


October 30, 2022
We find in the words of Jesus and Paul the characteristics of how a community following Christ should be marked - as generous and joyous bringers of hope and peace.


October 23, 2022
Jesus is our hope and life in this world. We can have confidence and assurance in this message. Join Ed Glover as he unpacks the importance of spreading the message…


October 16, 2022
Prayer is vital in our daily walk with the Lord. Join Craig as he dives into what intercessory prayer looks like through the story of Abraham and the city of…