Picture Perfect – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Picture Perfect

By Linda Santavicca

Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundations? 
(Job 38:4)

Ever go to a five-star restaurant, where you dine on a fabulous, over-priced meal and then the chef comes out to get the kudos? And that goes for the best actor getting an Oscar, the baseball player winning the world series and the national best-selling author getting the Nobel Peace prize. The award process happens every year and after so many years, we forget who won. 

On our recent drive up the winding Pacific Coast Highway, starting out in Los Angeles and ending in San Francisco, we stopped along the way to see the various points of interests. Every turn around the bend revealed one new spectacular view after another. On our left, we marveled at the surf crashing against the rocky shore and to our right we gazed in awe at the floral covered mountains all under perfect blue skies. When I look up at the countless stars, stare out to an endless body of an ocean or ski the peaks of a mountain range, I am transfixed by the sovereignty of our great Creator. And, God did not create His splendor for a trophy; He did it for us. How great is our God? 

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