Mark Helgerman – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Mark Helgerman

Meet Mark Helgerman

I was born and raised in the North Hills of Pittsburgh before moving to Harmony, PA. Despite coming from a broken home, I was blessed to attend several different churches and had friends who exposed me to the Gospel. Even with this exposure, it was not until my mid-twenties that I truly desired a personal relationship and literally dropped to my knees to invite Christ into my life. From that moment on, I have felt Him in control. I have been on an amazing journey ever since and I can not even express what a blessing it has been.

Part of that journey led me to Harmony, PA where I met my wife Patti. We were then blessed with triplets, Emily, Kristen, and Josh. As members of Grace Church of Harmony, our faith grew and was strengthened. There I served as a Deacon and was part of the building committee. We also served in the Awana program for children. 

About 15 years ago we began attending Christ Church at Grove Farm. We were hooked instantly by the preaching and the loving family congregation. We became official members six years ago. We enjoy serving in the Lakeside Café together as a family and we also participate in the Scrubs Ministry. We also view our business as a ministry where we can reflect Christ to all that come through our doors and support as many ministries as possible.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Parish Council. I would fully commit to seeking God’s guidance through prayer and His written Word. Christ Church is such an amazing home for believers and I am excited about the future.