Parish Council – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Parish Council

To view the 2020 Parish Council Nominees to be affirmed at the Annual Meeting on September 13, 2020, CLICK HERE.

Christ Church is governed by an elected Parish Council of 12 members, each of whom serves for a period of three years. The Parish Council meets monthly. Meeting minutes are available at the church upon request.

The Senior Pastor serves as the President of the Parish Council. The two work closely together in mutual support of both the vision of the Senior Pastor and the directives of the Parish Council. The Senior Pastor is the spiritual leader and spiritual authority of the church, and is responsible for all matters of doctrine and religious practice, as well as any other powers or duties as assigned to him by the Parish Council.

Brian Toy – Chairman
Dave Hartman – Vice Chairman
Richard Clark – Vice Chairman
Donna Hudson – Treasurer

Bob Carson
Richard Gaffney
Bill Kammerer
Sarah Manges
John Mouganis
Ken Roethlisberger
Dan Thompson
Bob Wagner