Meet Brook Swinston – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Meet Brook Swinston

Senior Operations Director
Christ Church at Grove Farm

Talk about a global citizen. Brook Swinston, our new Senior Director of Operations, likes translating his name into the foreign languages he speaks, including Andrés in Spanish and Su Shì Tóng 苏世同 in Chinese. Brook lived in Asia for two years as an MBA student where he met his future wife, Lin Cheng in Beijing, China.

It is fitting that Brook is so versed in languages. He reinvented himself for church service after an international career in the aerospace, automotive and chemical sectors. At Christ Church, Brook manages the business side of things and works to maximize church talent, space, and finances so that we become the most effective agent for the Kingdom as possible.

 “In the outside marketplace, we are going to be building up the Kingdom culture amongst a large, diverse, and growing congregation to call our world to Christ,” he says. “This is intended as a practical application of the “Every Member Ministry” concept developed by Senior Pastor Craig Gyergyo.

Brook came to Christ at church camp when he was 11, “a nervous little guy who was trying to find his way.”  As an adult, Brook is interested in improving in the spiritual disciplines and learning more about church history. Brook serves with the College and Career group and his wife Lin serves with Kids Ministry. Lin has a compelling testimony, coming to Christ in her 40’s after living most of her life in Asia. She was recently featured in the Christ Church testimony series, Spoken. “Lin’s heart was on fire for Jesus in 2010 as we moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai, and by the time we found our church home, she underwent water baptism in 2011,” Brook says. She was soon reaching out to Chinese house churches as her first ministry calling.

Brook and Lin have two children, a boy in elementary school and a girl in high school. They connected with Christ Church more than four years ago, integrating back to America after nine years in Asia. Brook’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Richmond, International Relations and Spanish, and an International MBA, Chinese track, from the University of South Carolina.

Brook is a gentle, respectful, and kind soul. He is a sharp and knowledgeable businessman with a heart for the Lord and an amazing track record of experience. He is easy to talk to and a great listener. He offers solutions to issues or problems with grace and efficiency. We are so excited to have Brook join our team and we look forward to the strategic plans he will have for us as we move forward, being good stewards of all that God and our congregation has entrusted us with.

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