RECLAIMED: WOMANHOOD – Christ Church at Grove Farm



Empower || Embrace || Embody


Welcome to Reclaimed: Womanhood, a transformative journey for young women seeking wisdom, strength, and purpose rooted in transformative and timeless principles of Scripture. In a world with constantly shifting expectations, this is gathering where we unravel the beauty and strength woven into the fabric of biblical womanhood. Through empowering discussions and inspiring testimonies, we embark on the journey of discovering the art of resilience, strength, and grace. Our mission is to empower a generation of young women to embrace their kingdom identity and radiate God’s love in a world hungering for authenticity.


Reclaimed: Womanhood is a gathering of young women and their spiritual mentors that meets once a month from March through May. Who is a spiritual mentor? Any woman in your life you look up to whether it is your mom, grandma, family friend, or neighbor. Each gathering is designed to build community, challenge students with truth, and offer an opportunity to respond.

Fellowship – Building bonds together
Food – Building bonds through breaking bread
Challenge – Good news and God news
Response – Embodying Christ

NIght one – 3/23/24

Theme: Identity
Speaker: Tori

NIght Two – 4/20/24

Theme: Community
Activity: Women’s Ministry Panel

NIght Three – 5/18/24

Theme: Mentorship
Speaker: Donna Wells