RECLAIMED: MANHOOD – Christ Church at Grove Farm



Empower || Embrace || Embody


Welcome to Reclaimed: Manhood where the heartbeat of Biblical masculinity resonates in each moment. Our goal is to not just host a gathering, but to create a dynamic environment that empowers young men to embrace and embody the transformative principles of Biblical manhood. In a world that confuses strength with aggression and leadership with dominance, we are here to unpack the profound teachings of Scripture which reveal the Spirit-fueled power of meekness, brotherhood, and self-control. Through powerful discussions and hands-on mentorship, we are equipping the next generation of men to rise-up, understand their unique God-given gifts, and embrace life’s challenges with grit, grace, and integrity.


Reclaimed: Manhood is a gathering of young men and their spiritual mentors that meets once a month from March through May. Who is a spiritual mentor? Any man in your life you look up to whether it is your dad, grandpa, family friend, or neighbor. Each gathering is designed to build community, challenge students with truth, and offer an opportunity to respond.

Fellowship – Unifying experience
Food – Building bonds through breaking bread
Challenge – Good news and God news
Response – Embodying Christ

NIght one – 3/22/24

Theme: The Battle
Activity: Axe Throwing
Speaker: Malachi Mawhinney

NIght Two – 4/19/24

Theme: Brotherhood
Activity: Airsoft Shooting Gallery

NIght Three – 5/17/24

Theme: A Man’s Rules for the Road Activity: Bonfire
Speaker: Matt Davis