foundations CLASS – Christ Church at Grove Farm

foundations CLASS

Christ Church foundations Class

Our daily prayer: to know God so to love Him, to love God so to serve Him


The goal of AMPED YTH is to engage students with the Gospel of Christ and develop
their faith within the community of believers. We seek to systematically approach this goal
through developing ways for students to mature in their faith with their heart, head, and hands.
In other words, we want to give our students the opportunity to grow in the love of God, to grow
in the knowledge of God, and finally to grow in the service of God. The reality is that each of
these areas is interconnected with the others. The more we know God, the more we love Him,
and the more we love Him the more we want to serve Him.

Foundations therefore, will serve as a key component in each of these areas of growth
for our students. This course is designed to teach an understanding of the Bible and the
fundamental concepts of a Biblical worldview. This class offers a space where students can
begin to think about the basic questions of faith. What do we believe? Why do we believe what
we believe? Who is God and why should I care? What is sin and why is it here? We tackle these
tough subjects and more by allowing students the freedom to ask questions and encouraging
them to think deeply about these matters.


This course will follow a twelve week curriculum that will move through the basics of the
Biblical worldview as demonstrated in Scripture and developed in reformed theological
confessions. The major topics will include an understanding of the Trinitarian God; an
exploration of the Biblical metanarrative as Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation; the
primacy of Scripture; and the role of the Church. Each student will receive a workbook that
offers a guided homework reading to be completed with parents as well as a guided lesson plan
that allows room for notes, questions, etc. The class will culminate in a ceremony which
celebrates these students and encourages the parents to continue to raise them in the faith.

The class will be held weekly on Sundays during the 11:15 service. watch for new class start date.