Poland – Christ Church at Grove Farm


mission trips in 2024: POLAND


Poland is a country with a rich religious history, yet that heritage is fading away. There are now over 700 towns throughout Poland without a church that preaches the gospel. Around 0.3% of Polish people consider themselves Evangelical. Christ Church wants to come alongside a church planting network and a campus ministry to support their work.


Join us as we work in central Poland to help with service projects and to be local examples of God’s love! During this week, we will serve with Proem, who partners with local government to receive projects that we will help complete, leaving a lasting footprint on the community. This is an integral part of their church planting vision; they want to move into a space that knows, trusts, and finds friendship in the staff. Alongside these service projects, they have concerts with bands from the U.S. to create the opportunity for the public to have a little bit of fun and to get connected to the church!

TIMELINE: June 7 – 16

COST:  $2,050 including airfare, transportation, food, and ministry expenses. Thorough training on how to raise support will be provided.

INFORMATIONAL MEETINGS (Please attend one): Sunday, February 11 OR Sunday, February 18, 10:30 am in Wilson Hall.