Uganda – Christ Church at Grove Farm



Please pray for the Christ Church engagement in Uganda. Click here for an inspirational prayer video. 

Much of the land is fertile and well-watered. The climate is temperate in the highlands. Long known as the “Pearl of Africa”.

Population: 33,796,461

Ministries Christ Church is currently working with to serve in Uganda:

  • CEED (Christian East African Equatorial Development)
  • Water wells and sustainable farming
  • HCU (Healthy Communities Unlimited)
  • School for 350+ students in Rural Uganda


  • Literacy of the younger generations. That the children would learn to read and write, enabling them to have brighter futures, options for further education and employment, and also that they will be able to read and teach the Bible.
  • The elimination of poverty among the working class. That microfinance groups will be started, which will allow otherwise poor families to make a better living.
  • Sexual purity and healthy relationship boundaries to be taught.
  • The men to begin to value and respect women. The family structure to be strengthened.
  • More water wells to be funded and drilled through CEED. The purchase of a new drilling rig and the staff to support it.
  • The development projects at God’s Love and Care School; specifically for new classrooms and a vocational school.
  • The medical team that is working in rural Uganda to be staffed and funded.
  • For leaders to be raised up. God’s Word to be spread and churches to be planted. Praying for spiritual growth increase.