Local Outreach/Pittsburgh – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Local Outreach/Pittsburgh

Local Outreach Ministries and the City of Pittsburgh


“Let Pittsburgh be more famous for God than it is for steel.” -Sam Shoemaker, 1955

Population: 2.3 million

Please pray for the Ministries Christ Church has partnered with in Pittsburgh: 

  • Urban Impact Foundation
  • Choices Pregnancy Services
  • YWAM (Youth with A Mission)
  • Pine Valley Camp
  • Unaltered
  • Asservo Project

Pray For:

  • Church leadership to be united throughout the Pittsburgh area..
  • For you to know where YOU might serve in the community.
  • Men to take strong leadership roles in the lives of their families; and become present in the lives of their children.
  • Women to support and encourage their families and each other.
  • Broken families to be healed.
  • The local, county, state and federal leaders to make wise and Biblical rulings.
  • The strongholds of crime, abortion, drug abuse and racial hatred to be torn down.
  • The city to repent and turn to God for healing and restoration. Hearts to be turned towards holiness and repentance.
  • Sexual purity to be taught in churches and schools.
  • The youth in the city and urban areas to be supported and mentored though young adulthood.