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Khmer in Cambodia

Population: 14,231,000

Main Religion: Buddhism

Evangelical Christian: 1.9%


History:  Cambodia is similar in area to the state of Oklahoma and is home to 14.5 million people. Ninety-eight percent of Cambodians practice Buddhism. Cambodia is rebuilding after suffering decades of war and the ravages of AIDS/HIV. The nation of Cambodia is young and poor, “more than 50% of the population is less than 25 years old. The population lacks education and productive skills, particularly in the impoverished countryside, which also lacks basic infrastructure.”


  • Christian leaders to be raised up. God’s Word to spread and churches to be planted. The desire to see spiritual growth increase.
  • New Christians to be biblically discipled and to grow in Jesus.
  • SEAPC (South East Asia Prayer Center) to have inroads in the public schools and universities to teach English through learning the bible.
  • Literacy of the younger generations. That the children would learn to read and write, so they have brighter futures.
  • The local schools and communities to take advantage of the entrepreneurship educational and vocational training being offered.
  • Human trafficking to be fought against and purity taught.
  • Praying for the New Hope for Orphans children’s home in Pursat, Cambodia.
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