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MATTHEW 6:19–21, Investing in future Treasure

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Proverbs 21:13, Maintaining Generous Ears

Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered.

Giving to CCGF missions is allocated to local outreach and international missions funds.  You can give on the CCGF home page or by check.  You can give to the local and international mission organizations and the CCGF missionaries on the learn page that links to their organization.

You can designate giving to our current project in Cambodia.


Christ Church will be working with SEAPC- (South East Asia Prayer Center) to partner with The Pursat Orphan Home in Pursat, Cambodia.  By partnering with the Pursat home, CCGF will be working with SEAPC to change the lives of destitute children in Cambodia and to raise up a generation of disciples for Christ.  Their mission is to nurture the orphan children through the word of God in order for them to have a brighter future and to spread the gospel throughout Cambodia. The CCGF partnership will include monthly financial support, child sponsorship, and a building project that includes a new church and dormitory.

BUILDING PROJECT:  In the past, Cambodia suffered an unthinkable genocide of almost two million of its educated people. If you could read or write, or if you wore glasses, you were likely to be killed. This led to the current generation being in desperate need … of education, of infrastructure, and of knowledge of the unending love of God. 

Our Christ Church family has an opportunity to make a difference in Cambodian children’s lives and bring the good news of Christ to the unreached people group called the Khmer in Cambodia. We are partnering with the South East Asia Prayer Center, also known as SEAPC, and the Pursat Children’s Home in Cambodia. 

The Pursat Children’s home currently houses 31 orphaned and abandoned children.  The directors of the home have provided a stable and nurturing environment for the children to flourish and grow not only in life but in the knowledge of Christ. We as a church are raising funds for an additional building that will be a church and a dormitory for 30 more children. 

Update: december 2021

“We are in the closing weeks of completing Pursat but there is some delay. We are waiting on some matching tile to finish a little of the tile work, waiting on the windows as they are ordered and being constructed off-site, and also waiting on some matching color paint. The construction is good quality overall and looks great. We have started the cleaning and paint prep of the older boys’ dorm, along with the removal of two windows and replacing them with 2 doors. I will keep you posted, please see the photos below.

Thanks, God bless, brother Hubert”

We are so close, but keep having small delays. Please pray that the completion can happen very soon. Also, please see the attached photos. It is very exciting! You can also see in the photos the tuk-tuk that they purchased (they decided on one without a cover. They will build the benches and potentially a cover for it) and the beds, mattresses, and bedding that have been purchased and are waiting for the buildings to be completed.

Thank you so much to everyone at Christ Church at Grove Farm!

Update: september 2021

9/9/21: Girls dorm is nearing completion.  Floor and wall tile going in right now are in the bottom floor which will be the church.



The pouring of the concrete for the second floor of the Pursat church/dorm has begun.  



Ukranian Relief Fund

  • How much would you like to donate to the Ukranian Relief Fund?

Monthly support

link: Monthly Support for Pursat Children’s Home

(Click the link above, then click children’s home construction repair, location: Pursat)

Monthly Child Sponsorship: 

After the building project is completed, the children will be available for sponsorship. They will be listed on this page and the Khmer page. If you are interested in being a child sponsor and would like to put your name on the list to be notified when the children are available, email Kathy Klein at MISSIONS@CCGF.ORG


Your generous giving to missions at CCGF touches many lives and ministries:

  • Supported Local Outreach Ministry to provide ministry to at-risk youth in the North Side
  • Supported Local Outreach Ministry to save the lives of the unborn
  • Supported Local Outreach Ministry to provide campers an opportunity to know their heavenly father
  • Supported Local Outreach Ministry to reach refugee neighborhoods, nations, and the next generation for Christ
  • Supported Local Outreach Ministry to guard against human trafficking
  • Supported Local Outreach Ministry to provide ministry to inspire sexual wholeness through the Gospel
  • Supported Local Outreach Ministry to share the gospel with a Christmas Program
  • Provided funds for CCGF supported International Missionaries
  • Provided funds for CCGF Local Outreach Missionaries
  • Provided scholarships to medium-term
  • (2mo.-2 years) missionaries desiring to serve around the world
  • Provided emergency funds to provide food for the destitute in Guatemala
  • Provided funds to support an Orphan Home and School for the destitute in rural Uganda
  • Provided funds to drill water wells for the destitute in rural Uganda
  • Provided funds to send pastoral teams to Uganda, Cambodia and Guatemala
  • Provided funds to support an Orphan home Home to the unreached and destitute in Pursat, Cambodia.

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