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International Missionary Support Program

God has a calling on every follower of Christ to spread the good news of Christ to not only Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, but to the ends of the earth. For some that will be with prayer and giving and for others it will be serving internationally. We are proud of each of the missionaries supported at Christ Church for heading the call and taking up the cross to share Christ in many different countries and through many different avenues.

You will find information about each of our missionaries below. There is a link to their blog for current information and a link for donating. For more information please contact Kathy Klein, missions director,

Please Pray for the CCGF-supported missionaries and consider supporting them financially.


our missionaries:

katie scott

Katie Scott has grown up here at Christ Church and now she is heading to the Dominican Republic to serve as Student Life Coordinator. Please pray for Katie and consider giving financially if you can here:

Evan Easom – Japan

Evan Easom, a member of Christ Church, is a CCGF supported missionary in Japan. Prior to going to the mission field, Evan worked with the high school ministry at Christ church. Evan has made a bold commitment as a career missionary working with youth ministry in Japan. Please pray for Evan to learn Japanese quickly, make new friends and for Christ to be his guiding light and comfort. Did you know that 98% of the population in Japan does not know Jesus Christ. Evan is in Japan to make his name known and to share the good news of God’s great love for all people.


Evan’s blog:

Sarah Kluitenberg Aderemi – Nigeria

God has called Sarah into the ministry of Christian Education in partnership with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) in Nigeria. A leader in Nigeria on Christian education said, “If professing Christians in Nigeria allow Christian education to permeate their lives and daily activities, then the nation will witness enormous developments” (Ajayi, 2013). Through partnering with ACSI Nigeria, Sarah desires to provide professional development opportunities to equip Christian educators in Nigeria as they prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. As ACSI Nigeria achieves this vision, we will begin to see Gospel transformation and development in Nigeria. 

Dami serves on the leadership and preaching team of City Church Lagos. The vision of City Church is to catalyze a gospel-centered movement that renews the city of Lagos spiritually, socially and culturally. He is also passionate about telling stories that are beautiful, true and good in his work as a master of ceremonies, comedian, creative director and filmmaker.

Sarah’s blog:

Please make donations through Resonate Global Mission:

Loza and rimo – North Africa

Loza, Rimo, and their son are CCGF-supported missionaries in North Africa. Their exact location is not listed, as they are working in a country that may be hostile to Christians. This country has more than 35 million people, only .1% are Christians.

They have a legitimate business in this country which gives them an authentic identity and provides them with organic opportunities to connect with locals. Through working with clients, suppliers, and employees, it provides natural opportunities to build relationships.

Their vision is to provide business coaching and EV training to Arab-speaking believers who are also being called to “go” throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Through legitimate business, we will coach and send Arab-speaking entrepreneurs to neighboring cities & countries where they understand the language and are familiar with the culture. So that, they can become a light in the M world doing legitimate business and speaking the good news.

Having an authentic identity in difficult locations is the key to being able to stay long-term. The time and energy to send western families to the middle east to “learn language & culture” is becoming more and more challenging every day. We live in a world where the internet is at everyone’s fingertips. A legitimate business not only gives access to necessary residency paperwork, but it creates a legitimate authentic identity and a way to bless the whole community.


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Jim West – india

Jim West is a CCGF-supported missionary currently in India working on drilling wells. He is a master plumber and an expert in well drilling.

Support: You can support Jim West by making a donation to CEED and putting Jim West support on the memo line. Mail to CEED, PO Box 1362, Wexford, PA 15090.

Jim’s Blog: 


Urban Impact Foundation
Assistant Director of Performing Arts

Eric uses his theater and acting experience to reach students of the Urban Impact Performing Arts Academy. He is a Pittsburgh actor, former participant of the Breakthrough Television and Actors’ Theatre in Columbus, and a former volunteer at Urban Impact. As a staff member, Eric oversees the Performing Arts Theatre discipline, directs the Urban Impact Shakes summer acting program, and directs Allegheny Traditional Academy’s theatre program. Eric resides on the North Side with his wife, Laura (also an actor), and their children, Rook, Alec, and Arden.


Urban Impact Foundation
Director of Education

After serving as an intern for two summers at Urban Impact’s Summer Day Camp, Amanda knew that urban ministry was where God wanted her to be. Graduating from Taylor University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Educational Ministry and a minor in Sociology, Amanda began full-time ministry at Urban Impact. As Director of Education, Amanda’s desire is to share the hope and love of Jesus through academic programs – knowing that true transformation only occurs through relationships. Connor, Amanda, and Abraham have lived on the North Side since 2011.

Nathan & amy Glover

Our names are Nathan and Amy Glover and we are CCGF supported Urban Missionaries to the North Side of Pittsburgh. Our passion is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and, in the power of the Holy Spirit, making disciples who make disciples. I, Nathan, grew up on the North Side and have always loved this community! I am so blessed that I get to go back and serve there. Amy grew up in the North Hills and after working in political sphere for several years moved back home to Pittsburgh and fell in love with Urban Impact. We praise the Lord for this opportunity and are so thankful to partner with our home church, Christ Church at Grove Farm! We love this church and love that so many people from CCGF volunteer at UIF every week!

If you would like to know more and how to give to my wife and I, here is a link below!