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spring series

On Wednesday, April 10, our Midweek Spring Series, Rooted & Refreshed begins.

Springtime is a season of vibrant transformation, as nature bursts forth with new life and possibility. We invite you to embark on a journey of personal growth and renewal. Guided by the Scriptures, we will explore practices and principles that nourish the soul.

Choose from five different classes including our Life in Christ membership class. There will be no dinners for this series, classes start at 6:30 pm.

Childcare is available. Please register on the form for childcare.

Programs for kids age preschool through middle school available on Wednesday nights. No registration necessary for kids programs.

Life In Christ

Christ Church Pastors

Would you like to be a member of  Christ Church at Grove Farm? Check out our new class: Life in Christ!  In this class we will learn the essentials for Christian living and what it looks like to be a part of our community. Taught by a variety of our Christ Church Pastors, it is a great way to discover more about Christ Church.

This 6 week class will be offered at various times throughout the year and is a prerequisite to Christ Church at Grove Farm Membership.

Jesus Leadership Principles

Nathan Glover

In this class, we will dive into the profound and timeless leadership principles exemplified by Jesus Christ, whose teachings and actions have inspired billions of people across centuries. Rooted in compassion, empathy, and service, Jesus’ leadership principles offer invaluable insights for individuals seeking to lead with integrity, purpose, and impact in various contexts – be it business, politics, education, or community service.

Invisible War

Dave Brewer

All of us are leaders in some capacity, and this class will teach you how to recognize Satan’s many strategic tactics that he used against biblical characters, were used by the Great Captains, and are being used against you, your family, our institutions, and our nation. Using biblical stories, battles, and events of the past few decades, you will learn about the spiritual war of the devil against the Christian community, and how Christ will give us the ultimate victory.

Unveiling the Scriptures: Deepening Intimacy Through Bible Study

Jeremiah Stauffer & Donna Wells

You don’t need to complete a seminary degree or spend hours each week to interact with God through His word! Learn simple, practical methods for Bible study that will deepen your understanding of Scripture and strengthen your relationship with Him. Additionally, we will practice skills for Bible discussion, teaching, and writing devotions.

Oneness Embraced

Tim Grieco

In this class, we will be discussing Tony Evans’ book, “Oneness Embraced: A Kingdom Race Theology for Reconciliation, Unity and Justice” (revised 2022 edition). Dr. Evans challenges the Church to reclaim both the narrative and leadership mantle in addressing America’s longstanding racial divide – emphasizing our Kingdom identity, Oneness of purpose and God’s twin, inseparable pillars of Righteousness and Justice.

wednesday evenings FOR KIDS

For infants through age 2

For ages 3 through 3rd grade

For 4th and 5th grade

For middle school students