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Bicycle Riders

BIcyclE TRIP: Saturday, June 29, 2024

When you go on one of these trips, wear a helmet, have a spare inner tube, tools with you to remove your wheel, have lights when needed, and hydration/snacks appropriate for the trip. It is also expected you will be riding a bicycle in decent condition and that you have properly trained for the longer trips. 


We are doing a Bike Ride Fundraiser for The Asservo Project (TAP). You can ride or help support the riders. 

Over the past six years we have supported The Asservo Project (TAP) successfully by having a fund raiser bike ride. We are going to do this again Saturday, June 29 with a ride on the Panhandle Trail. It will begin at the Helicon Brewery in Oakdale, PA. You will be able to choose your ride based on your skill confidence. Choose from a 17 mile, 35 mile or 56 mile trip. Since this is a fund raiser, we ask that you raise as much support as you are able to help combat Human Trafficking. Minimum to ride is $100. If you raise $100 or more, your registration fee will be waived, and your credit card will not be charged.            Last year we raised about $15,000. Let’s try to top $20,000 this year! You can turn in cash or checks at your arrival at the event.

Thanks to Pro Bike + Run we will have a $100 gift card being awarded to the top fundraiser from the bike ride! They are also planning to have a bicycle mechanic on site to check out your bike or make minor repairs as necessary.

TAP will provide snacks and refreshments for all participants. Check your calendar. Time to begin prep for the ride. Invite others to join you. Begin to raise funds.

Meet at The Helicon Brewery early enough to be ready at your start time rain or shine. The 56 mile trip leaves at 7:45 AM. The 35 mile trip leaves at 9:30 AM. The 17 mile trip leaves at 11:00 AM.

All checks payable to The Asservo Project or TAP, please reach out to Mike Davis at or Cate Colesar at for information about where to send checks.

To find out more about TAP, please check out

Questions? or text/call 412.965.6053

Check out our Facebook Group HERE.  Other bike trips also available there.

Questions? or text/call 412.965.6053