Lent – Christ Church at Grove Farm


We invite you to join us on Wednesday Evenings this Lenten Season for a powerful lineup of some of Pittsburgh’s most prominent pastors who will lead us through evenings of praise, prayer, and a focus on the Psalms as we seek God in the weeks leading to Easter. 

We kick-off our Men of Steel series with a special Ash Wednesday Communion service and a sermon from John Guest. In the following weeks, you will hear from Jay Passavant, Bishop Joseph Garlington, Rock Dillaman, John Nuzzo, and Ed Glover.

During Lent, most people typically think about giving up something, fasting from something.  This year, we are asking you to not only give something up but to GIVE something. We are encouraging you to pick up a copy of “The Journey Through Lent” devotional and read it daily along with us. You can pick up your copy at Christ Church on Sunday mornings, or call the church office (412-741-4900) to pick it up during the week or have it mailed to you.

We are also asking that you GIVE your time on Wednesday Nights to come and join us for our Lenten Series, “MEN OF STEEL” and walk with us through the Psalms, a journey from confession to the cross. The goal is for us to experience Christ in a fresh way. This is an all-church event, for men and women of all ages. Invite your friends and family!

Our offerings taken during the Lenten series will go to the Christ Church Good Samaritan Fund. Our Christ Church Good Samaritan Fund is best described as our church’s benevolent fund.  It exists to provide provisional, monetary support to individuals or families in need, due to a catastrophic event, extended illness, job transition/loss, etc. We have granted financial assistance regarding a security deposit, first month’s rent payment, food, clothing, or to cover the cost of utility bills, an unexpected car repair, or perhaps an insurance payment. The vast majority of recipients are individuals or families directly associated relationally with a Christ member or through a friend of one our members. There have been occasions we have assisted individuals and families by way of one of our Christ Church ministries such as our Men’s/Women’s  Ministry.  In addition, we are contacted from time to time through other ministries such as Urban Impact Foundation,  The Woman’s Ministry, Choices Pregnancy Services, or on behalf of a specific missionary. Our Good Samaritan Fund is sustained by the grace and compassion of the Lord, as demonstrated through the generosity of our Christ Church congregants who faithfully support it.

Join us in-person each Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary or online by clicking the button below:







The Journey Through Lent Devotional will be available for purchase on Sunday mornings in the Commons. If you are worshipping with us online, call the church office to make arrangements to pick one up during the week or to have one mailed to you.