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Into the Hands of a Woman

By Linda Santavicca

On 60 Minutes, Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce (one of the fastest growing tech companies) was interviewed about his latest and greatest decision. Benioff was challenged by Salesforce’s head of personnel on the existing pay disparity between men and women within the company. From the audits, it was evidenced that wages differed between men and women for the same work performance throughout the organization. With no justification to support the ongoing pay gap, the CEO made the change that cost the firm $3+ million. That being said, what was good for the goose is now good for the gander all across the board. Salesforce adjusted the numbers and is now shelling out the same wages to women and men for doing the same work.

Within the last year, women in solidarity, have been stepping up and speaking out; not just about pay inequality but also about the ongoing sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, the corporate and political world and even the church. Blinded by their distorted views of women, those in positions of power used their esteemed status for their own personal gain and when enough was enough, the gasket was blown. Women in their unified outcry, fractured the prolonged silence; sparking off a campaign that shattered through more than just a glass ceiling. In seconds, the #metoo campaign circumvented the globe as every offender was thrown under the bus. No longer was, “You go, girl.” a ‘fly-by-night’ catch phrase.

When we look at the nature of a woman through the eyes of God, scripture identifies various characters that reveal different perceptions. First, we know that woman came after man as Eve was created from the rib of Adam. Although she came after, she was vital to God’s design to fulfill the promise that “it is not good for man to be alone.” And, while a man may be physically stronger, it is not “good” for him to carry out God’s eternal plan without a woman by his side.

In Proverbs 31, God illustrates the role of the wife. Nowhere in this beloved chapter, is the woman undermined or portrayed as frail and/or inferior. Prominent to the family structure, she is more than just a laborer. It is she, who makes things happen to keep the family in tact as “she watches over the affairs of her household.” God’s plan for women is not that they be marginalized or work from behind the scenes, but purposed to stand on the front lines to carry out some of God’s most challenging assignments.

In the book of Esther, Queen Esther hears from Mordecai that Haman went to King Xerxes to explain his game plan to wipe out all the Jews. Mordecai tells Esther she is not to assume that because she is in the king’s house she will survive. He urges her not to stay silent but to step up and speak out ‘for such a time as this.’ After her people fasted and prayed with her for three days, she bravely approached the king and begged for him to put an end to Haman’s evil plan. Her plea for her people granted her favor from the king and thus, the Jews were spared.

From the book of Judges, God gives Deborah authority over Israel. She orders Barak to do as the Lord commands; to take ten thousand men with their chariots to Mount Tabor and God will then deliver Sisera and his army into Barak’s hands. But because of Barak’s pride, he would only take on the challenge if Deborah went along. Deborah had no problem with that except Sisera and his men would then be delivered into the hands of a woman instead of to Barak. Although Barak defeated the army, Sisera got away on foot until he ran into Jael who invited him into her tent. While he was asleep she drove a peg through his temple. Fearless and not to be reckoned with, Deborah and Jael were appointed by God to get a big job done.

Throughout the bible, there are numerous indicators of how God purposely designed women to influence the Kingdom. Whether a tender heart or a heart on fire, a woman of God is the completion of His perfect handiwork. He created His sons and daughters to be different yet, on par to be loved the same. Regardless of the diversity, we are all here on one mission, to bring Him all the glory.

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