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Instagram | Eternalgram

By Linda Santavicca

“Come near to God and He will come near to you.”

(James 4:8a)

Scrolling through my Instagram account, I came across numerous selfies of familiar faces standing alongside some very high profile people. Glaring from my smartphone was a friend, shouldered next to Sting after a concert he performed in Tuscany. For her to capture that ‘once in a lifetime’ moment, she had to muscle her way through the crowds to get a quick click of the global rock star. Once the prized photo was uploaded, it was soon forgotten by the following procession of a thousand other photos. Like my friend, I have chased my share of fleeting idols that came and went because false idols are just that, fleeting. Temporary. Thankfully, we serve a god who promises us something more than a transitory moment. Eternity.

And, one woman knew that. In the parable of a Sick Woman, a bleeding woman crawled through throngs of people to touch the edge of Jesus’ cloak, knowing He could heal her. “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed (Matthew 9:20b).” She was not concerned about standing next to Him because of His public status but only to touch the hem of His robe because she knew His power to heal was far greater than an Instagram moment. She knew by one subtle stroke, she would have eternal life; “He turned and saw her, Take heart daughter. Your faith has healed you (Matthew 9:22).” The touch happened in an instant but the experience promised her eternal life. She did not chase a rock star but reached out to the One who gave every star a name.

If smartphones were used in Jesus’ day, what would our selfies with Jesus look like? Would He be embracing us? Wiping our tears? Holding our hands? Regardless, He would be smiling back at us for an everlasting Eternalgram.

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