In the Medium of God’s First Creation – Christ Church at Grove Farm

In the Medium of God’s First Creation

By ed sciulli

On most days, I play the role of production manager. I serve others by solving problems, applying solutions and trying to keep things as organized as possible. It’s fun. I help to keep the machine that is CCGF purring like a kitten and humming on down the road. I like this role.

There are times however, when something else bubbles up to the surface and takes over. It’s an itch that has has to be scratched. A voice that has to be heeded, a calling that must be answered. When that happens, I find myself here:

This is the lighting desk. This is where our God the Creator calls me to his heart and says, “In the beginning, I said ‘Let there be light’ and it was good. Now it’s your turn. Play.”

And so I begin to manipulate one of the very first of His creations. I apply intensity, color, shape and movement in order to match the songs He has given us to sing. And as I sit behind the desk, I am amazed that He trusts me with the first thing that we are told is good. It’s my moment of private worship between me and heavenly father. A moment where I get to taste just a sample of what God gets to do every morning and evening with the rising and setting of the sun. I rarely feel so alive as when I get to create, just like my father.

Granted, “Stand by light cue 2. Cue 2 GO” is no “Let there be light”. But is the place God and I share moments of creation, and that is very good.

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