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High School


High School Youth Group, 6:30 pm in the Student Center. Lower level of main church building. Entrance around the back.

who we are

The high school ministry at Christ Church at Grove Farm is a place where everyone grades 9-12 is welcome and wanted. We are a fun, engaging community that is built on the gospel and on real relationships. We would love to have you come and join us!

what we do:

The goal of CCGF high school ministry is to do life together following Christ. We don’t just want to be a bunch of random people in a room doing stuff and listening to a lesson. We want to be a community, and we want you to be a part of it. Come join us for program and small groups or let us know when a big event like a play or sporting event is happening and let us come and cheer you on. Let’s make this place awesome together.

ways to connect

SHOW UP! INSTA FACEBOOK Parent NewsletterSIGN UP HERE Talk to Jeremiah (jstauffer@ccgf.org) and he can get you more info and help you jump in with our awesome community.


Sunday, June 12 at all services We want to honor and pray for our 2022 Graduates in services on Sunday, June 10, If you have graduated from high school or college this year, or if you have a graduate in your family that you’d like us to celebrate and pray for, fill out the form and upload a current photo by clicking on the button below. The deadline is June 10. The graduates’ names and photos will be shown on screen in service during the prayer time and also on the pre and post-service slides.

Your Call

Saturday, June 25, 10:00 – 12 noon For those who are high school students, college students. young adults, or anyone of any age seeking to find the next chapter in life.  What does God have planned for you? Learn and exercise a Biblical framework that will help you understand your vocation in God’s creation. For high school, college-age, and beyond. Whether you’re 18 or 56, this can help anyone find out what you are truly called to do. Find out how to identify God’s purpose for you. What do you love or love to do? What is your deepest commitment? Registration is limited to 25 people. $10 per person. Every registrant is automatically entered into a drawing for free books. Register using the button below.

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