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Goodwill Story:
I was in Dollar Tree on 01/17/24, at the register when my debit card wore out. The chip was bad. The card lost its use. I had no money on my person. The woman behind paid my $10.69 tab. I blest and thanked her. I gave my bill to the Lord Jesus as a tithe when I got home. I prayed again for that woman for her kindness to me. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. And that's my goodwill story.
Goodwill Story:
I was in Sam’s club and a gentleman in front of me purchased my food. Long behold, tomorrow we s my birthday.
Goodwill Story:
I saw a woman putting groceries in her car and offered to take her cart because there was no close cart returns. I didn't give her a Goodwill card, but wished her a Merry Christmas. She was very grateful. This was early in the morning and I noticed she had scrubs on so she may of been shopping after working a night shift. God is good!!!
Thanks for providing the Goodwill cards and making us aware of those around us and taking the time to slow down.



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