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Current Series

July 12

Do It Afraid
Rev. Kent Chevalier // Isaiah 43:18-19 & Matthew 6:26

Have you ever had a moment where you knew you were supposed to do something, but the risk was too much? You wanted to ask her out, but you chickened out. You wanted that job, but you didn’t apply. A difficult conversation was needed, but you didn’t have it. We’ve all been there. 

In this sermon, we’re going to explore what it looks like to have a faith in Christ that’s certain enough to step out in those moments of uncertainty and fear. It can be scary when God asks us to do something, and just because we trust Jesus doesn’t mean it will be easy. It just means He gives us the courage do it afraid.

After serving for 22 years as a pastor in the local church, Pastor Kent stepped out in 2019 to become the Chaplain of the Pittsburgh Steelers through the ministry of Athletes in Action. He is a Pittsburgh native, a graduate of Geneva College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Kent also partners with Lionshare as a national speaker and Vice President of their board. He loves serving and encouraging individuals, businesses and ministries with Erica as a part of this new ministry adventure, Team Chevalier. He values most being a husband to Erica and a dad to their three daughters.

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Fun fact: Kent began his career leading the Youth Ministry right here at Christ Church back in 2000.