Current Series – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Current Series

Our being made spiritually alive and God’s becoming 100% for us in Christ through faith according to the Scriptures. The five solas form the nucleus of the evangelical faith. They not only capture the Gospel of Jesus Christ and explain how that Gospel takes root in the sinner, but they also define where the authority of that Gospel resides and to what end that Gospel is preached and proclaimed.


Scripture Alone
Romans 15:2
Rev. Craig Gyergyo


Grace Alone
Romans 2: 4-410
Rev. Dr. Ed Glover

August 23

Faith Alone
Romans 4: 4-5
Rev. Craig Gyergyo

August 30

Christ Alone
Romans 8: 1-3
Rev. Robby Grunwald

september 6

God Alone
Romans 11: 33-36