Choose Life – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Choose Life


Here at Christ Church, we designate the month of January as “Choose Life” month. We unabashedly stand for life and commit to the pro-life movement. On Sunday, January 10, you’ll hear more about our partner ministry in this effort, Choices Pregnancy Services and we will begin our annual baby bottle fundraiser which will be virtual this year (BUTTON BELOW). Let’s all join together in the fight for the sanctity of life and the protection of the unborn as well as the care and guidance for the mothers and fathers making the decision to choose life

PARENTAL ADVISORY/MATURE CONTENT: Portions of the service on January 10 contain mature content which may not be suitable for young children. Kids Ministry is available on the lower level.

 For the past 33 years, Choices has been faithfully serving the community by rescuing and saving many lives, as well as sharing the Gospel with everyone who walks through their doors.  The issue of abortion is not one to take lightly.  It is not enough to talk about problems in society like abortion.  Instead, we must pull together in faith to show that there is truly a more excellent way.  We need to take a stand against abortion and be PRO abundant life.