21 Nov: Trish

I just received a turkey and all the fixings and I am so thankful for your act of goodwill and kindness. Money is tight right now and this will be…

21 Nov: Marcie

I went through Chick-fil-A’s drive-thru and was informed my order had been paid for by the previous customer. I was so surprised and very grateful.

21 Nov: Courtney

As a six grade science teacher returning to the classroom, I am feeling extremely grateful for the way our community has truly come together during this tumultuous time for teachers….

21 Nov: Christine

As a single Mom for 14 years, I work two jobs trying to provide the best I can for my family. I am grateful for my jobs and blessed being…

21 Nov: Ashley

Like most teachers (parents, students, everyone!), I had been worrying a lot more about the start of the school year and how I was going to help my students grow…

21 Nov: Anonymous

We had just left the doctors where we had gotten disappointing news. We were tired and frustrated and started talking about how we were going to pay for the recent…

17 Nov: Jennifer

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