Recent Deaths – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Recent Deaths


Dennis Drab, 02-19-24, David Drab’s brother

Barrie “Klay” Scott, 02-10-24

Cheryl Dittrich, Tara Fenton’s aunt and Sharon Neely’s sister

Loren Carlson, 02-05-24, Ruth Carlson’s husband and Michael Carlson’s father

Emily Willets, 01-21-24

Susan F. Bigler, 01-15-24, Glen Bigler’s wife

John Chelar, 01-13-24, Ruth Chelar’s husband

Janet Platek, 01-08-24, Joe (Nicole) Puorro’s grandmother

Keith Piemme, 01-03-24, Amy Piemme’s husband, Kate’s father


Paul Mammay, 12-30-23, Sandi Mammay’s husband

Tony Sacco, 12-29-23, Judy Sacco’s husband

Sinda Dianzumba, 12-22-23, Lilieth Dianzumba’s husband

Glen Blair Dewar, 12-21-23, Bob (Marie) Dewar’s father

Dianne Orndorff Nazif, 12-14-23, Sousan Panizzi’s mother

John Broeren, 11-28-23, Christina Broeren’s husband

Glenn Oberdick, 11-27-23, Dave, John, and Mark’s father

Beverly Whitlock, founding member, 11-26-23, Charese, Jonathan, and Lance’s mother

Bernard Richard Fallon, 11-25-23, Pat (Peter) Cady’s father

Linda Ruth (Faller) Hastings, 11-24-23, Jason Thornton’s mother

Ruth Laurina, 11-20-23, Blake, Kyle, and Bill’s mother

Dave Zielinski, 11-17-23, Sandy Zielinski’s husband

Heidi Clusta, 11-13-23, Wayne Brubach’s daughter

Doug Taylor, 11-19-23, Dorinda Taylor’s husband

Chaplain Steve Hubbard, 11-08-23, Marie Hubbard’s husband

Dr. Lillian Meyers, 11-05-23, Catherine (Ray) Tyson’s mother

Judy Whitcomb, 10-28-23, Jim Whitcomb’s wife

Judith Kalinoski, 10-22-23, Fred Kalinoski’s wife

Florence Dickinson, 10-20-23, Paul (Darlene) Dickinson’s mother

Carl “Trip Hoffman, 10-16-23, Bunny Hoffman-Loucks’ son

Joe Fetzick, 09-24-23, Scott (Nikki) Fetzick’s step father

Doris Becker, 09-13-23, Aimee (Thomas) Benedict’s mother

Marcia Holquist, 09-04-23

Josh LeCornu,08-31-23, John LeCornu’s son; Susan Williams’ stepson

Gary Michael Kaplan, 08-31-23, John and Mary Zeis’ son

Darlene Bretsnyder, 08-22-23, Barry Bretsnyder’s wife, Logan’s mom

Lynn Dimtroff, 08-02-23, Paul Dimtroff’s wife

Allan Gyergyo, 06-30-23, Teresa Gyergyo’s husband; Pastor Craig’s (Lisa) uncle; Dennis Gyergyo’s (Susan) brother

Lee Hangliter, 06-16-23, Rick (Sally) Hangliter’s father

Ilene Hamlett, 06-14-23

Luanne Hothorn, 05-26-23, Jane (Dale) Gormley’s sister

Jeanne Smith, 05-24-23, Sally (Rick) Hangliter’s mother

Walter Scott, 05-21-23, Brian (Michelle) Scott’s father

Terry Watson, 05-06-23, Dee Watson’s husband, Greg (Kelli) Watson’s father

Violet Davis, Dan (Alicia) Davis’s  grandmother

Kevin Cohn, 05-01-23, Sandy Cohn’s husband

Ed Manko, 04-22-23, Marie Manko’s husband

Kainen Shawn Walker, 03-22-23. Bill and Linda Walker’s grandson; Barry and Kathie Mariana’s grandnephew

Anthony Berwick, 03-26-23, Sherry (Ken) Kalb’s brother

Sally Dunbar, 03-25-23, Laura (Dave) Doty’s and Rob (Denise)Dunbar’s mother

Dorothy Shockey, 03-18-23, Don Shockey’s wife

June E. Neuman, 03-01-23, Janice Neuman’s mother

Carolyn Hudson, 02-25-23, Jim (Donna) Hudson’s mother

Wayne Smith, 02-25-23

Bob Fisher, 02-24-23, Founding Member, Judith Fisher’s husband

Darren Hartman, 02-22-23, Dave (Laurie) Hartman’s brother

Alexander Berry, 02-20-23, Beverly (Fred) Peatross’ brother

Jane Hartman, 02-17-23, Dave (Laurie) Hartman’s mother

Cynthia Lou King, 02-15-23, Robert King’s wife

Gladys Marie Copeland, 02-09-23, Ryan Copeland’s mother

Veronica Pollack, 02-07-23, Francie Lucas’ mother

William “Blair” Wardrop, 01-21-23, Colleen Wardrop’s husband; Bill and Susie Wardrop’s son

Harry (Mabby) Kramer, 01-26-23, Ben Kramer’s dad

Bernadette Lebakken, 01-16-23, Wayne Lebakken’s wife; Brad (Vicki) Lebakken’s mom


Michael Stark, 12-24-22, Becky Stark’s husband

Linda Shortley, 12-19-22, Ruth (Jeff) Elm’s sister

Bob Scheidemantel, 12-06-22, Peep Scheidemantel’s husband

Leonard Friedman, 11-29-22, Dianne Friedman’s ex-husband

Leslie Trosky, 11-27-22, Ed Trosky’s wife

Carolyn Staff, 11-09-22, Harriet (Dan) Mitchell’s sister.

Linda Bowman, 11-03-22, Wayne Bowman’s wife

Nancy Alderson, 10-22-22, Nancy (Pat) McDonnell’s mother

Beverly Sheets, 10-18-22 , Mike (Lynda) Sheets’ mother

Charles Benz, 10-15-22, Sigrid and Patrick Benz’s father

Kathy Weiss, 10-13-22, Tony Weiss’ wife

William Kohl, 10-08-22, Adell Gaughan’s father

Mary Louise (Dolly) Imber, 10-05-22, Denny, David, and Diane’s mother

Daniel Haines, 09-30-22, Sean (Michelle) Haines’ father

Jeanie Huffmyer, 09-24-22, Bob (Debbie) Huffmyer’s mother

Bob Stayer, 09-17-22, Jeannine Stayer’s husband

Tony Tomasello, 09-20-22, Jan Tomasello’s husband

Daniel O’Keefe, 09-08-22, Theresa O’Keefe’s husband

Frank Geramita, 09-03-22, Denise Geramita’s husband

Ernie Anderson, 08-14-22, Phyllis Snyder’s brother

Raymond Zlobecki, 08-14-22, Sue Beck’s brother

Ann Metcalf, 08-10-22. Memorial Service for Anne Metcalf will be on Saturday, September 10 at 11 am in the Sanctuary. John Guest officiating. 

Sally Tomi, 08-04-22, Ed (Tammy) Glover’s aunt

Doris McCrum, 07-25-22, Marti Renkes’s mother

Lois Rush, 07-23-22, Michael Rush’s mother

Edwin Speicher, 07-19-22, Laurie (Bob) Barcaskey’s father

Fred White, week of 07-10, beloved, long-time member of Christ Church

Patricia Snowden, Lisa (Larry) Brown’s mother

Bonnie Brubach, 07-07-22, Wayne Brubach’s wife

Patricia Snowden, Lisa (Larry) Brown’s mother

Calvin Goss, 06-13-22, Warren (Mary) Goss’ brother

Audrey Roethlisberger, 06-20-22, Ken (Brenda) Roethlisberger’s mother, Ben’s (Ashley) grandmother

Edward Maximovich, 06-15-22, Maxine Ahearn’s brother

Jean Manning, 06-16-22, Joni Kappler’s mother

Kate Benamati, 06-12-22, Angelo Benamati’s mom

Monica Bistarkey, 06-12-22, Maxine Ahearn’s daughter

Bella Peters, 06-01-22, Sharon and Russ’ (Sandy) mother

Helen Tomino, 05-25-22

Christian LeCornu, 05-11-22, Susan Williams’ son and John Williams’ grandson

Gracie Falkner, 05-08-22, Bill Falkner’s wife and Scott Falkner’s mother

Eugene Reichart, 05-08-22, Jerry Reichart’s father; Kara (Russ) Huffmyer’s grandfather

Mary Kretzler, 04-29-22, Amy (Jim) Blew’s mother; Stan Kretzler’s wife

Paul Jacob Mioduski, 04-27-22, Carol (James) Walsh’s son

Gloria Hanselman, 04-24-22

James Knerr, 04-24-22, Sue (Don) Berry’s brother

Ann Mariana, 04-16-22, Pastor Barry (Kathie) Mariana’s mother

Lois Dergance, 04-10-22, Pat Blauth’s mother

Mary Wisnesky, 04-01-22, Bob (Jennifer) Wisnesky’s mother

Barbara Mathe, 03-31-22, Chuck Mathe’s wife and Sean (Michelle) Haines’ mother

Roy Schrenk, 03-29-22, Delores Schrenk’s husband and Jeanne Schrenk’s father

John Goldie, 03-28-22, Shelby (Alex) Rowe’s and Gunner Goldie’s father

Dick Clouser, 03-09-22

Marion Kummer, 03-01-22, Fred Kummer’s wife & Bethany Kummer’s mother

Sandy Manges, 02-20-22, Doug (Sarah) Manges’ mother

Ora Edmundson, 02-19-22, Walt (Dinelle) Hannigan’s sister

Dorsey Wheeler, 02-16-22, Cynthia Wheeler’s husband

Teri Hartle, 02-08-22, Jim Hartle’s wife

Edward Wisnesky, 02-07-22, Bob (Jennifer) Wisnesky’s father

Kathy Reseland, 01-28-22, John Reseland’s wife

Jim Long, 01-26-22, Kim (Fred) Crowley’s father

Noel Skapik, brother of Gigi Levitsky and Mary Jo DiFloria

Kathy Reseland, 01-28-22, John Reseland’s wife

James Arnold, 01-21-22, Michelle Hodcroft’s father


Doris Weaver, 12-15-21, Mike (Melissa) Weaver’s mother

Elinor Ovenshine, 12-01-21, Gordon (Kris) Ovenshine’s mother

Ray Alexander 11-30-21, Randy and Jessie Alexander’s father     

Doney Klug, 11-28-21, Bob Klug’s wife

Ronald Lebakken, 11-25-21, Brad (Vicki) Lebakken’s grandfather and Wayne (Bernadette) Lebakken’s father

Jim Gordon, 11-23-21, Dolly Gordon’s son

Paul “Eric” Pavlik, 11-20-21, Amanda (Caleb) Falbo and Ben Pavlik’s father

Trista Cotrill, 11-20-21,  Sandy and Dave Zielinski’s niece

Rich Tripoli, 11-09-21, Joanne Tripoli’s husband

Denny Pattyn, 11-02-21, Amy Pattyn’s husband

Christine Torcasi, 10-26-21, Carla (Jay) Batch’s niece

Theresa Wright, 10-13-21, Cathy Thein’s and Terri Bodnar’s mother

Nicholas George Buli, 10-12-21, Carl (Millie) Buli’s brother          

Betty Mittner, 10-06-21, Donna Mittner’s mother-in-law

George MacDonald, 09-24-21, Carolyn MacDonald’s husband

Carol Bonner, 09-24-21, Kathy (Frank) Klein’s mother

Nelson Windsor, 08-31-21, Joyce Windsor’s husband

Hugh Moore, 08-25-21, Becky and Barb’s dad

Maria Weir, 8-11-21  Sister in law of Mary and Ken Schlentner

James Motta, 8-11-21, Brother in law of Mary and Ken Schlentner

Mary, 08-09-21, Chuck (Sandra) Schweinberg’s sister

Karen Bradfield, 08-09-21, Don Bradfield’s wife

Warren Carr, 08-08-21, Glenny Carr’s husband

Vern Loucks, 08-08-21, Bunny Hoffman’s husband 

Wayne Craig, 08-02-21, Sue Craig’s husband

Susan, 07-18-21, Pat (Peter) Cady’s sister

Gloria Pozycki, 07-17-21, Joe (Amy) Pozycki’s mom

Elisabeth Kellermann, 07-17-21, Debbie (Bob) Huffmyer’s mom

Dave Murray, 07-06-21

Arlene Long, 05-17-21, Traci Melnick’s mother

Robert Davidson, 05-13-21, Vic (Georgi) Davidson’s brother

Ron Moore, 05-08-21, Lisa Moore’s brother

Ruth Dinkfelt, 05-07-21, Butch (Gail) Dinkfelt’s mother

Barbara Sedlock, 05.06.21, Paul (Jennifer) Sedlock’s grandmother

Patty Thomas, 04-19-21, Cara (Brad) Blyzwick’s mother

Bill Pfeiffer, 04-16-21, Donna Pfeiffer’s husband

Pete Lawrence, 03-31-21, Sandy Lawrence’s husband

Don Smith, 04-04-21, Jeannie (Thomas) Sadd’s brother

Olive Neely, 3-04-21, Bill Neely’s wife

Ray DuScheid, 03-04-21, Doug DuScheid’s (Jen) father

Claire Christine Peterson, 02-26-21

John Mittner, 02-25-21, Donna Mittner’s husband

Ronald “Pete” Kaufman, 02-09-21, MIchelle (Mark) Kovach’s father

Rita Ratti, 01-29-21, Mark Ratti’s wife

Bob Freker, 01-25-21, Darlene (Tom) Bartos’ father

Nathan Presutti, 01-13.21, David Presutti’s father

Paul Schoenholzer, 01-12-21, Esther (Lawrence) Torbitt’s brother

John Myers, 01-02-21, Catherine (Ray) Tyson’s father


Beverley Ann Foust, 12.31.20, Dick Clouser’s sister

John Pickett, 12-29-20, Judy (Bob) Wagner’s and Louise Pickett’s father

Brian Winters, 12-23-20, Amanda Winter’s husband

Paul Michael Myers, 12-17-20, Catherine (Ray) Tyson’s brother

Vesta Milne, 12-16-20

Frank Melnyk, 12-14-20, Shirley Melnyk’s husband

Antonette Sonavec, 12-10-20, Ronnie (Bill) Stolze’s mom

Dr. Frank Lozzi, 12-9-20, Lisa (Jim) Steven’s Father

John Young 11-18-20, Karen Young’s husband

Gregory Thomas, 11-14-20. Esther Thomas’ husband 

Ray Sisak 11-30-20, Mary Sisak’s husband

Vince Froehlich. 11-15-20, Linda (Ed) Santavicca’s dad  

Carmela Tarr 10-24-20,  Joene (Kevin) Garbera’s mom

Jerlyn Ford 10-22-20, Jeff (Linda) Sitera’s mom

Cecile Tawse 10-15-20, Dale and Cathy/ Kirsten and RY (Cathy’s mom, Kirsten Kopf’s stepgrandmother)

John Pierce, 10-15-20

Chuck Gerdes, 10-5-20, Charlotte Gerdes’ husband

Dorothy Salvaggio, 9-29-20,  Bea Miller’s sister

Elizabeth Turner Jonak, 9-13-20, Margaret Kostan’s sister

Jeffrey Morienello 8-20, Mike Badami’s cousin

Donald Smith, 8-31-20, Kelly Wilson’s grandfather

Susan M. Gilbert, 8-11-20, Mike Murray’s sister

Marilyn LeDonne, 8-20-20, Robert LeDonne’s wife

Jon Osman 7-29-20:  Laura Osman’s husband

Joyce Hartz 7-21-20: Mike (Sara) Badami’s aunt

Donald Keller 7-15-20: Mary Louise Kellar’s husband

Wolfgang Rhimland 7-9-20: Randy (Jennifer) Rhimland’s father

William Metcalf 7-8-20: Anne Metcalf’s son

George Cummins 7-1-20: Gerri Cummins husband

Christine Robinson 6-25-20: Ken (Mary) Schlentner’s sister

Billy Forsman 6-24-20: Annette (Gary) Edward’s brother

Christine Carger 6-14-20: Janette (Rob) Knittel’s mom

Mille Green 6-4-20:  Fred and Ron Kummer’s sister

Joan Bope 5-27-20:  Janet McCloskey’s mom

Doris Cacciatore 5-14-20:  Beverly Lapic’s mom

Ellen Little 5-10-20:  Vickie Lebakken’s grandmother

Martha Smith 5-4-20:  Wayne Smith’s wife

Eveline (Betty) English 4-21-20:  John and BeBe (Roebina)English’s mother

Ronald Siner 3-14-20:  Holly and Kim Siner’s son/brother

Matthew Tyson 3-12-20:  Sue Paton and Ray (Catherine) Tyson’s son

Lucy Rocco 3/8/2020:  Nancy Morgano’s mom

Robert Fox 3-4-20:  Ron Fox’s dad

Christine Losos 2-27-20:  Frank Losos’ wife

Linda Drane 2-22-20:  Leslie Trosky’s sister

Ruth McDonald 2-10-20:  Kathy Bevan’s mom

Christopher Deluca 1-26-20

Mark Haluska 1-28-20:  Vesta Milne’s son

Raymond Berry 1-17-20:  Holly Anderson’s dad

Nik Kim 1-15-20: Debbie and Frank Beraduci’s son

Virginia Gaffney 1-9-20: Richard Gaffney’s mom

Dawn Nichol 1-1-20: Jaci Reefer’s mom