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For the Sake of the World

For the Sake of the World
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How much will it cost?

Funding our vision for both a new gymnasium and upgrades to our existing physical spaces is projected to total between $20 and $25 million.

How will we prioritize the work to be done if not fully funded?

We know that God is in charge in all that we do, and so we are confident that He will, through the generosity of His people, lead us to just the right resources. Once we have completed this capital campaign, we will prayerfully consider the funds we have available in selecting the components of our vision to advance. 

Why now?

We are approaching our church’s 30th anniversary, and there is no better time than now to renew our founding members’ vision for and commitment to leading our community to Christ.  Our church is being blessed with growth in attendance, both by adults and by children, and we urgently need to make room in a way that is inviting to our modern world. n

Will Christ Church be going into debt during this project?

Our goal is that the generosity exhibited by the people of Christ Church will dictate both the scope and pace of our project. While we do not plan on pursuing long-term debt options, at this moment we are open to using short-term financing such as a Construction Loan to help bridge the gap of capital in hand and monies committed over the life of the Capital Campaign. ng, life-changing interactions with “real deal” Christians.

What is our long-term vision for the use of our campus?

We desire to be a place where people come together in fellowship and in the love of Jesus, a hub of activity all week long, not just on Sundays. We want to use the nearly 50 acres of our campus in ways that best support our outreach, opening up “front porch opportunities” that will attract children and adults, believers and non-believers, and where everyone will experience loving, life-changing interactions with “real deal” Christians.

How will the renovations change our use of existing campus spaces?

Three important things will be accomplished in our Kids Ministry – security improvements, more efficient layouts and better use of space to increase capacity, and a refresh that makes the whole area more creative and more inviting to children.  Our Adult Ministry renovations will repurpose current staff offices on the church’s lower level and Fellowship Hall into a more pleasant, effective and flexible “community hub” of meeting spaces. And better configuring the John Guest Ministry Center will allow it, along with the Farmhouse, to deliver the administrative space our staff needs to carry out their ministries.

Why are we adding a gymnasium? How will it help us reach our community?

Our congregation has long dreamed of a recreational facility on our campus that we can open up to our community. A gymnasium is a unique “front porch” that offers outreach options and addresses real human needs in ways that our current spaces do not. Examples include after school athletic clubs for children whose parents need a safe and affordable place for them to go until their workday is done, and exercise programs to bring older adults together, promoting both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Why are we not including new worship space in this capital campaign?

Our current worship spaces – the Sanctuary, Wilson Hall, and the Chapel – give us excellent flexibility and are well enough equipped for our needs into the next several years. Since we have the option to add more worship services as we continue to invite in new attendees, we are focusing this visioning campaign on our ministry spaces.

What is the project timeline?

Once we complete this fundraising phase of the project, we will consider the building options that fit within the funding available; we will then, with continuing input from the Steering Committee, Parish Council, and our staff, design the spaces to be constructed. After Parish Council approves the final designs, we will put the project out to bid and select a construction company.  That will likely put us at mid-2025 for construction to begin. Completion will be dependent on the extent of the work to be done, but will likely fall into 2026 and possibly 2027.

Who is guiding this process and making the decisions?

A Steering Committee comprised of our Senior Pastor, other senior staff members, Parish Council members, and representatives from the congregation at large has been created and is meeting to review and contribute to the plans and progress of the overall design and fundraising of our project. The Parish Council Executive Committee is engaging regularly. All key decisions are being made by the Parish Council as the governing body of the church.


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