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Be Still

Be Still.

Everyone worries about things from time to time. It’s natural for some people (like moms). It’s a character trait of others. Worry can consume us. It can dig its way into every fiber of our being. It can grow if we feed it, distract us, and pull us away from our daily lives. Pull us away from God.

If we let it.

How do we stop worrying and stop trying to control things? How do we stop dwelling? How do we put it aside and let it go?

Shift your focus.

When worry starts to creep in, pray and ask God for His peace. His all-encompassing, head to toe, wrap you up tight, peace. The Bible says God’s peace transcends all understanding and if you’ve experienced it, you know it’s true. You get it.

He’s listening.

As we pray, we begin to trust more and more areas of our lives to God, and God’s peace fills those spaces that were once occupied by fear and worry. But … we can’t ask God for help and then keep on worrying because worrying is rooted in the sin of unbelief. So, if you also need to ask for a little more faith to help you release your worry, go right ahead. Rely on the Lord and you will find peace in the process. Embrace it.

Trust that He will take care of you, that He will calm your fears, that He will give you peace.

Lift it up. Let it go. Trust. Be still and know.

Psalm 46:10
Mark 11: 22-24
Philippians 4: 6-7
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