B1 – Christ Church at Grove Farm


What is B1?

B1 is a couple’s community for supporting and strengthening young marriages.

When & where does B1 meet?

We meet every Sunday morning in the Barn at 10:00 am starting on October 10.

What do you do at B1?

We hear a short practical message on some aspect of marriage and then discuss some questions on that topic with the other couples at your table.

Who does the teaching?

Jason & Bridget Goetz will do most of the teaching. They have been married for 22 years and in ministry to couples for over 15 of those years.

Who comes to B1?

Couples who are seriously dating through couples that have been married less than five years.

What kind of topics are covered?

We tackle real topics impacting young marriages – resolving conflict, setting boundaries, navigating extended family, managing finances, sex & intimacy, etc.

How can I learn more about B1?

Stop by on a Sunday morning and meet the group!