Ashley – Christ Church at Grove Farm


Like most teachers (parents, students, everyone!), I had been worrying a lot more about the start of the school year and how I was going to help my students grow and learn while also keeping them safe. Not only was I trying to prepare for my own preschool students returning to my classroom, I was also preparing for my own two young children to start back to school in a different district with a slightly different plan. It was a LOT. I was trying to stay positive, but it was getting harder. My district was being so supportive, my family was amazing, but this was still tough. Then a co-worker emailed me to tell me about a Teacher Wish List page a PTA member in our district had organized to help get teachers materials they needed to keep kids safe and engaged in learning during this year of changes. I knew out PTA was amazing, but this was incredible! I put up my list and the support began…wow! The not more than a day or two later a local church, CCC, stepped in and said they would like to cover any wish list items that had not been granted for our teachers. WOW!!! My heart was lifted, and my burden was instantly lighter. I felt the support of the community through these generous families and this awesome church, and I thought “we can do this.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Hudson community! I will never forget the change it made to the start of this school year and I will pass it on!

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