Anonymous – Christ Church at Grove Farm


I am a member of CCGF and writing about my experience in doing an act of goodwill. Based on the past sermon series of spiritual disciplines, coupled with the encouragement of doing acts of goodwill, I have tried to be more intentional and aware of my surroundings when out at stores and not on my phone when waiting in line. As a result of not being on my phone, I was aware of the customer in front of me who was not being very kind to the cashier. When it was my turn to pay for my items, I offered to buy a snack for the cashier. She was quite surprised and graciously accepted. In our ongoing conversation as she was checking out my items, I found out she had 2 daughters, so I offered to buy a few snacks for them as well. She was so taken back and extremely grateful. This was a very simple and inexpensive gesture on my part, but it just spoke volumes to me of what a difference we can make when we are truly paying attention to others.