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How Do I Pray?

How do I pray?

Prayer is a love relationship with our Heavenly Father, the Creator of the Universe. It is communication and communion; talking and listening to God. God chooses to respond to the requests of His children. It’s not that “prayer works” but rather that “God works” in response to His children’s requests and obedience.

God has given us the amazing privilege to participate in what He is doing and prayer is one of those ways.

It is important to pray according to the Scriptures. The Scriptures help us to pray (and therefore impact others and circumstances) according to God’s will. Listen carefully to the impressions God makes on your heart through His Word as this is one of the ways He speaks to His people personally. When we are impressed to do something as we are praying it is critical that we obey God.

While there is no formula for praying – just as there is no ‘formula’ for having a conversation with someone we love, there are things that can help and prompt us. The simple acronym P-R-A-Y is an example:

P – Praise and Thanks
R – Repent
A – Ask
Y – Yield and Obey

Likewise, the Lord’s Prayer is another way of praying. Instead of Praying straight through it, recite a line and then pray according to that line. For example:

Our Father who are in heaven Hallowed be Thy Name

You might then pray:

Our Father, my Father, thank You for loving me with an everlasting love. Thank You for being the perfect Father, the One to whom I can go for everything. You reign from the heavens and nothing is impossible for You! I praise Your holy Name. I rejoice in Your goodness…

By inserting a prayer in your own words, you make this prayer even more personal.