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Urban Impact

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Urban Impact Foundation

CCGF is committed to meeting the needs of the city we love and the surrounding areas. We continue to live out the prayer over Pittsburgh: that our city would be more known for Jesus than it is for steel.

It Starts in the Heart...
 Before change occurs in a person’s life, it must occur in a person’s heart. Urban Impact works to make that happen through holistic community outreach to meet the needs of the whole person.UIF can meet academic, physical, emotional, and social needs, but to neglect spiritual needs is to fall short.

When the Word of God reaches the hearts of troubled young people, real change begins. Broken spirits are restored, making way for hope, which can inspire an entire family. When families change, something even bigger happens: neighborhoods change.

 Urban Impact enlists God’s help in building positive relationships with youth on Pittsburgh’s North Side. They ask for His guidance in mending the wounds of needy children. From there they can work to change Pittsburgh one person, one family, and one block at a time.

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