Ad General Eliminator

The Eliminator is a game our High School Ministry will be playing this summer:

Small Groups will compete against each other to “eliminate” members from each group. This competition will begin directly after Youth Group on Sunday, May 27 and continue to the beginning of Youth Group on Sunday, July 29 (or until only one group remains with at least one member “not eliminated”). Lists of those within each small group are determined by attendance: Anyone who has attended Sunday Night Youth Group AT LEAST 5 TIMES since Sunday, March 4 will be included in the small groups listed below. If you are not on the list with your group, you will have two opportunities to add your name to that list on May 27 and June 3. However, if you are not on the list – or if you are leaving 8th grade and about to enter 9th grade - but still wish to play, you can be enlisted by any group as a SECRET AGENT to complete a contract (more on this below). To eliminate a group, everyone on the list must be eliminated. The group that wins this game will not only win the Small Group Cup, but win a private party hosted by Doug!


Doug is the GAME MASTER. All eliminations must be reported to him via text. Text Doug and include via group text the person who was eliminated so that there will be no dispute that the elimination occurred. If you do not have the person’s phone number that you eliminated, you may ask them for it, or you may text Doug and he will confirm the elimination by texting the eliminated person himself. However, for the sake of time, the group text is highly encouraged…so ask for their number.

Eliminations will be posted via Instagram and Snapchat by Doug every Sunday and Wednesday via Doug’s accounts. You will also be able to find a periodical update here on this page. However, it would be in your best interest to take a picture of the elimination you just executed and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #HSMeliminator. This way, any eliminations that take place between the postdates can be seen by all in real time and groups will not waste resources trying to eliminate someone who has already been taken out.

If there are any disagreements, rule questions, or cheating – the final decision will be made by Doug. Cheating will result in you (and possibly your entire group depending on the circumstances) being eliminated. (While Doug is on Mission from June 16-23, all texts of eliminations and/or rule inquiries should be made to Ben Follett)


The only “weapons” allowed in this game are water guns and water balloons (your water guns must not have any black on them, nor must they look like real guns of any kind...a violation of this rule will cause your entire group to be disqualified from the game). If you squirt someone, they are eliminated (there should be visual evidence that someone was squirted by the water gun). If both parties fire at the same time, the person who was first hit by water is the person eliminated. If it is “too close to call,” Doug will weigh in, and quite possibility no one will be eliminated at that time. Water Balloons must break directly on the person to count as an elimination. “Water Shrapnel” from balloons breaking on the ground, walls, or other people near you do not count as an elimination. All other forms of water: Cups of water, Buckets, Hoses, etc. – DO NOT COUNT.


Secret Agents are 8th grade students going into 9th grade or other students from our Youth Group who did not make the small group lists, yet still wish to play. Any group may “hire” a secret agent to complete a “contract” on a certain individual they wish to eliminate. It is up to the group and the secret agent to determine how to compensate a secret agent (box of candy, lunch, etc. – The exchange of money is not allowed – nor is any illegal activity or actions frowned upon by the values of our Youth Ministry). Secret Agents may only have ONE CONTRACT on ONE INDIVIDUAL at a time. Contracts must be acknowledged by the GAME MASTER before they become active. Just like a regular elimination, those eliminated by Secret Agents must be texted to Doug and a picture via Instagram is highly encouraged. Once the contract has been completed, Secret Agents are now free to be “hired” by any other group.

Secret Agents may only be eliminated themselves when they are carrying out a contract. If they have not been contracted by a group, they may not be eliminated. However, if they are “under contract,” they may be eliminated from the game by anyone at any time (especially in self-defense when the contract is being carried out).

There are no “double agents.” If a contract is started, that agent is in play for the contract only, even if they decide not to carry it out on their own accord.


Each Small Group must elect a student to be a “Group Captain.” This person will be the point of contact should the Game Master need to communicate with a group. This person will also settle any strategic disputes within the group. Finally, this person will be the one to give “orders” to the Adult Leaders (terminators) that may be in their group. If the group captain is eliminated, a new group captain must be elected.


Adult Leaders of groups are playing this game as well. However, they are handicapped as not every group has an adult leader at this time. Adult leaders are not allowed to make any strategic decisions of any kind. They are simply “Terminators,” robots who can only receive orders from the group captain. They may not make suggestions, eliminate someone on their own accord, or alter the plans from the group captain. They simply follow orders. They may, however, remind the group captains that they are awaiting orders if too much time passes between orders received. The only decision an Adult Leader may make on their own is to defend themselves with water guns/balloons should they be attacked by another group. Adult leaders must be eliminated by other groups, just like a student would be, for the entire group they are in to be eliminated from the game. If every student from a group (i.e. all possible group captains) has been eliminated, yet the Adult Leader from that group still remains, they are no longer under any restrictions and can make any and all strategic decisions to act on behalf of their group to eliminate all others…giving their group a fighting chance at still winning the game.


The game may not be played in any way (including waiting outside the safe zones for someone to arrive or depart) in these safe zones. Any breaking of these rules, because they mostly involve safety, could result in the elimination of your entire team:

  • The Church Property is off limits
  • Any School at any time of day
  • A student or adult leader’s place of work
  • Any Grad Party (we want our grads to be celebrated and enjoy the company of their friends rather than worrying about the game)
  • Any moving car of any kind moving at any speed (one may not fire from or be fired upon) – also, any road or street or parking lot where there are moving cars.
  • When Ben Follett is out with his daughters, or at his residence/property holding one of his daughters, you may not fire upon him…nor may he fire upon you…the safety of his daughters is of the utmost importance!
  • Anything/place related to the Dominican Republic Mission Trip
  • A person’s home and property (surrounding yard to property lines) is a safe zone only in these circumstances:
    • When Parents who do not wish this game to take place on their property declare it to an attacker(s) who is moving in on the home
    • If there are two people on separate groups who reside in the same residence (example: Weavers, Koontz, etc.)
    • Members of the same household may text Doug terms of a “truce” if they need to attend a family outing of some kind together. The terms should include start and end time.


Our two 12th grade groups are still participants in this game. However, Seniors who leave for college or post-high school plans before July 29, will be automatically eliminated on their departure date


The winning group will win the Small Group Cup and a Private Party hosted by Doug. However, these are not the only awards to be won. There will be prizes for different categories that have not yet been determined. To give you an idea, these categories may be things like: Most eliminations, most valuable secret agent, most strategic/creative move, etc.

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