Advanced Lighting Techniques
Ed Sciulli

Learn how to incorporate intelligent lighting your system. You will learn how to apply color, shape, movement, and intelligent fixtures into your design.

Lighting Basics
Ed Sciulli

In Lighting Basics you will learn the ‘very basics’ of how to get started with a lighting system. If you know nothing of the basics of lighting, this session is designed for you.

Ed Sciulli, Thomas Barry

In this session you will find out what a podcast is. You will also learn why you should have a podcast and how to get one started.

ProPresenter 101
Nikki Fetzick

Does your organization currently use Pro Presenter? Is it looking for a new way to prepare their presentation software? Come join this session and personally experience an interactive demonstration and discussion of the benefits of Pro Presenter. Learn how the software works, as well as tips and time-saving features. You will also be allowed to share your ideas as we discuss how the presentation software can transform your services or business presentation. It may just be time for you to say ‘goodbye’ to PowerPoint and ‘hello’ to smoother operations.

Planning Center for Broadscale Organizational Use
Nikki Fetzick

Hear how to integrate Planning Center smoothly into your organization’s day to day life. You will learn how an older 1200-member congregation database is now operating under Planning Center and how to integrate a daily calendar into Planning Center Resources. Also, learn how to manage two different style services using planning Center Services as your main production resource and how to include your Sunday morning experience teams including musicians, tech, usher, and volunteers into Planning Center Services.

Planning Center Specifically for Worship Ministry 
Nikki Fetzick, Melissa Weaver

Learn how to improve your music department by storing all of your songs, song content and files into Planning Center Services.