Foundations of Sustainable Worship Ministry 
Marcus Gresham, Brad Lebakken
Thursday, 7:00-7:50 pm

This session is designed specifically for Worship Leaders, Ministers of Music, or Music Directors, and Pastors who oversee the entire operation of a worship ministry. If you are in this role, you are invited to register and attend this session.

The content discussed will be very transparent as we learn priorities in ministry relating to Worship Department Management. How to avoid burn-out and balance ministry demands with excellence and proper attitude will be highlighted. You will be encouraged as you learn the importance of functioning from a position of grace that supports you enjoying your creative calling. It will cover a variety of current issues facing the church including exploring current trends and comparing different methodologies in churches, specifically those in the Northeast demographic. Mentoring, modeling the heart of the overall ministry, and effective delegation will also be discussed.

Intergenerational Worship 
Marcus Gresham, Brad Lebakken
Wednesday, 1:00-1:50 pm

A current topic of discussion today is intergenerational worship. Should we have it, or just cater towards one age demographic over another? Learn the realities of this subject, its challenges, solutions, and personal experiences from the instructors, as well as a shared roundtable discussion.

Knowing Your Options 
Marcus Gresham, Brad Lebakken, Jeff Sitera
Thursday, 1:00-1:50 pm

This session is designed to bring awareness of relevant needs yet effective tools and resources available to Worship Pastors, Worship Leaders, and Worshipers for creativity, development, & growth.

About the Instructors