I'm sure you've noticed the change of seasons, but have you heard of an obscure kid born 2000 years ago? Did you know we still celebrate his birthday for some reason? Come find out what's so special!

Dec 8th - Jesus Family Tree. We'll be looking at the 14+14+14 generations at the beginning of the book of Matthew that lead to Jesus' birth. What's visible in his history? Why is it presented at all? And in the way it is? Why are women included when only Men were ever put into genealogies of this time period? And, why these women?

Dec 15 - The Great Christ Comet. Gary Van Drie will be back with us looking at a fascinating theory that may explain the magical star that appeared over where Jesus was born. Joins us for an astronomical view and discover why October 20th is a special day.

Dec 22 - Traditions. A look back at Christmas Traditions and a theological and philosophical exploration of what they mean and if they are truly important. Come ready to share a tradition from your life that you love or even one you dislike. And, be ready to answer "why?" And, if there's time, we'll look at the difference between Advent and Christmas and why America's celebration of Christmas is a hot mess right now.

Dec 29 - The Future through the Eyes of the Past. What does God want from you for this next year? What does He want for you? We'll look at Scripture and the last year and see if by Word and Spirit we can discern His will. Then, by God's grace we'll set our feet to that path.

20/20 Vision

Starting January 1st, we'll be launching off into a new series on Vision.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” - C.S. Lewis, "Is Theology Poetry?"

Looking at the Bible, Philosophy, History and Art, we'll be taking apart the things we understand and the lens we use to see and understand the world. But, deconstruction is only so valuable, so we'll also be doing work to assemble a new way of seeing. Each week will stand on its own so no worries if you miss from time to time. Join us!

Sundays  |  Gather at 10, Get started at 10:15
Christ Church at Grove Farm in the Farmhouse
(First building to the right as you enter the church parking lot)