The Big Picture – God & Science Together

It takes more faith to be an atheist than a Christian

Sundays  |  October 13 - November 17  |  10 to 11:15am
Christ Church at Grove Farm in the Farmhouse


Join us for a 6 week course examining modern science’s confirmation of the existence of a transcendental, personal, designer God. We will be relying heavily on astronomy and physics, with some philosophy, history, and biology thrown in to complete the picture. You can fully benefit without a mathematical or scientific background, but do bring your brain!

We’ll be exploring…
  Why Is There Something?
  The Nature of Math (no math skills necessary)
  The Big Bang

  Extreme Design
(including intelligent design)

Vetted links to numerous resources for your future exploration, growth and study will also be provided. At the end, you will absolutely understand that it literally takes more faith to be an atheist than to be a Christian.

Gary Van Drie has been wrestling with the latest scientific findings for many years and their implications on faith in God, our understanding of truth and morality. His passions include Cosmology and General Relativity. Gary is a gifted instructor; brilliant at analyzing complex scientific data and presenting it in a simple but still accurate way.