Steve Chiles is the Senior Pastor at the Shartel Church of God in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has been in full-time ministry for 38 years. Steve is a graduate of Mid-America Christian University, where he received two Bachelors Degrees. He was a four-time “Athlete of the Year” and was the first basketball player to have their jersey retired. He is currently a Board Member for the university and is a frequent speaker and leadership resource on campus.

In addition to being a local church pastor, Steve has served as Coach for pastors and churches all across the United States, and in 5 other countries. He has worked with Church Multiplication Association and Healthy Growing Churches in the areas of Leadership Development and Church Planting. In his work with those organizations, he has trained and coached hundreds church planters from Seattle to Orlando. He currently coaches and mentors several pastors across the U.S., helping them maximize their personal potential, as well as the potential of their congregations.

Steve is a dynamic speaker and has been spoken at colleges, conventions, retreats, churches, and events all across the U.S., and in other countries. He has spoken nationally at organizations such as the national YMCA NAYDO conference on several occasions. Steve is a writer, as well as a speaker, and writes a devotional that reaches thousands of people each day.

Steve has a passion for developing men and has spoken at men’s events in several states for different denominations. It’s his desire to see men step into the fullness of what God has called them to be, and to reach their full potential as husbands, fathers, leaders in the community, and servants in the Kingdom of God. He has been effective in leading many men to Christ and helping countless others further their journey of faith.