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Silver Ring Thing Event


Silver Ring Thing Event @CCGF

Sex… a topic you can’t escape in today’s youth culture. And yet, we often lack the tools and resources to address it well. How can you speak honestly about God’s plan for sex and reverse the meet-up, hook-up, break-up mindset of today?

Silver Ring Thing is a ministry that defies the norms of culture and speaks honestly to teens about sex and relationships. Through a high-impact event of comedy, drama, music, videos and testimonies, SRT shows teens that purity is much more than waiting until a wedding day. It’s a commitment to persevere, a pursuit of freedom that enables you to embrace healthy relationships free of confusion, brokenness and pain. It is keeping your mind, body and spirit focused on Jesus and pursuing a life that honors him. It’s an inspiring message that promotes real and lasting change.

We are hosting an event at Christ Church at Grove Farm in Sewickley, PA on Sunday, March 26 @ 6:30 pm. The theme for the tour is “New Standard – Raising the Bar // Refusing to Conform.” We are immersed in a culture of low expectations. As tolerance replaced Truth, self-indulgence replaced self-control. But that's about to change... We are calling a generation to set a new standard and refuse to conform. While others are lowering bar, we're raising the standard! The message is presented through peer-level students that communicate with honesty and conviction.

Tickets are $6 online and $8 at the door. 
(CCGF High School Students get in FREE, click here for more info)
(CCGF Middle School Students, click here for more info)

For groups of 25 or more, tickets are $5 online.
SRT ring available for $20.

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Included with this event is a separate Parent Session also at 6:30 pm, which informs parents about the real attitudes and behaviors of today's youth culture and how you can best support their child's commitment to purity. 87% of teens say it would be easier to postpone sexual activity and avoid teen pregnancy if they were able to have more open, honest conversations with their parents. This session offers timeless answers and foundational truths for parents who want the best for their kids.

Parent Session topics include:

 The role of parents in the abstinence decision

 The news you haven’t heard

 Debunking the ‘Safe-sex’ myth

 8 key things every parent should do… and so much more!

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