Upload Videos – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Upload Videos

Christ Church family we miss you and we’d like to see what you’ve been up to! We are asking you to send us a short cell phone video saying hello or tell us what you miss about being at church. Send us some clips about things you’ve been doing to entertain yourselves or keep busy. What’s the best dinner you’ve made or the most creative craft project you’ve done? Did anyone cut their own hair? Maybe you can tell us what you’re most looking forward to when this is all over. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you. 

We are partnering with MediaQuest to help you get this message out through our social media and website. If you are interested, please send a video to the link below, and we’ll edit montages for everyone to enjoy.

  • Please keep videos to one minute or less.
  • You are welcome to send more than one clip.
  • Be creative and fun.
  • When using your phone, it is best to turn it sideways, so the video is “wide screen.”
  • Introduce yourself and family.
  • The videos may be edited to best suit the montage.
  • You can upload your video clip to quickly and easily by clicking on the button below. Send to the attention of Kaitlin Edwards.