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Prepare/Enrich Certification Training Workshop here at CCGF on Monday, 
December 2, 2019 from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm in Classroom 102 
with Pastor Barry Mariana teaching.
(If you would like to schedule an on-site certification workshop, please contact Pastor Barry Mariana to set a date and discuss details.)

  • This certification training is required for pastors or lay leaders/couples who desire to facilitate the Prepare/Enrich assessment in mentoring couples,
    pre-marital and marriage counseling.
  • We use Prepare/Enrich here at CCGF on behalf of our couples.
  • If you need to be certified, you may register via the link below.
  • If you know someone who you believe would benefit and would be interested in becoming a certified, Prepare/Enrich facilitator, please forward this email/link to them. Thank you.

Register Here

The vison of Prepare/Enrich is to help all couples to be resilient, so that in the face of life’s inevitable adversity, they can bend and never break.

Developed out of a need to evaluate relationship program effectiveness, Prepare/Enrich has been propelled forward by the trifecta of theory, research and practice, making it the most trusted and proven effective relationship assessment today. With almost 40 years of research validation, Prepare/Enrich has proven itself to be the most trusted, comprehensive relationship assessment for couples at any stage of life.

Know this: The Prepare/Enrich assessment, when properly facilitated, has been proven to reduce the risk of divorce by 30%. 

Over 4 million couples have taken the Prepare/Enrich assessment.


Pastor Barry Mariana, 412-741-4900, ext. 115 or